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Re: should I trust

Poor guy. I just did a couple amazon searches and I did the math and those extra accessories couldn't have cost more than $85. Personally, I never buy ANY sort of extra warranty except MAYBE applecare if it is discounted, only because the service is so good. Credit cards usually give you some good warranties/coverage. If you bought those non-namebrand accessories + the t4i kit from BH, it would have cost you around $735. Were you trying to save on accessories? Even with the accessories from BH, I don't really see a saving.

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Re: should I trust

I know this is way late for you, but maybe it will help others.  My experience with PrimoTronix:

I purchased a Nikon D800 from PrimoTronix on February 12, 2013. It arrived February 21. It was not in its original Nikon packaging, the monitor screen cover, the hot shoe cover was missing and, the worst, the monitor did not function at all. No monitor, no menu access.
     I contacted them 2/22/13, spoke with the customer service manager, was promised an RMA by the end of the day, an increase in the warranty period free and expedited shipping on the replacement. He promised that he would put this in an email and send it immediately. The email never came.
     The replacement camera was received on March 7. Definitely not expedited. This time there was no manual and there was no warranty information. I contacted them again, via email because there was no answer on any of their phone lines. A few days later I received a warranty card - no note of how long the warranty was for - and an extremely used manual.
     Yesterday, March 23, 2013, the replacement camera's monitor quit working. 16 whole days I had it and it failed. Are they sending out returns without refurbishing them first? Of course, it is the weekend and there's nothing to be done to resolve my frustration.
     It's Sunday, so their sales department is open. They promised to have the customer service manager call me first thing Monday morning. Hope he's more helpful this time.

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Re: should I trust

Thanks... my experience... without going through ALL the aches and pains...

I ordered a Canon G10 March 3... they contacted me via email and said that before my order could be completed that I would need to speak to them...

I called and they wanted to sell me batteries. They hung up when I told them I would not purchase any. So at this point I "figured" my order was being processed.

March 17 I contact them and find out they did not have the item in stock. Site says 7-9 business days for delivery. Was told that once they charged my credit card the 7-9 days begins. The my order info in my account says order shipped... (also says order in process)...

I asked for the situation to be made right because I needed the camera for an event on March 22. Roger told me to go through Canon and that should write about the experience on my blog.

I told him I was not upset. Just needed the camera for him to please HELP like any good business should. He told me he would check with his manager. To call back in 2 hours. I did. He told me he would have it shipped and coming in on March 22 and that he would send me a tracking number.

No tracking number. It did not arrive. The order in my account still says processing.

I canceled my credit card and will look elsewhere for a camera.

Hope this helps...

(Sorry for the bad punctuation... i could attach some upside down photos if it helps)...


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Re: should I trust

They are a terrible company.  over 35 complaints with the BBB this year so far and a D- rating from the BBB.

Advertised my camera was in "in stock."   After 3 weeks and no camera I called and was told "yeah the camera is in stock somewhere in China."  Over 45 days later and still no camera.

Stay away from Primotonix.

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Re: should I trust

Avoid Primotronix like the plague! I bought my Canon 5D through them and it took over a month to get. They're customer service blows and the reps I spoke to throughout the process gave me different answers to the same problem. Also, many of their products do not come with a North American warranty! As one post on this thread read, "... Adorama or B&H. Those two companies are the gold standard of mail order." I conquer.

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Re: should I trust

It kind of depends on what you mean by trust 

My story - I ordered a Sony Rx100 package over the phone, then decided against the package and ordered just the camera over the internet.  The next morning I called to cancel the phone order.  The price for the camera was $574 which is about $75 less than retail.

My results:

Package order was cancelled, no questions asked, but it took 3 phone calls and over a month for the refund to post to my credit card.

I was told the camera was on back-order and would ship when it arrived.  I was also told I would not be charged for the camera until it shipped.  I was never charged.

After over a month, I called to find out why my order hadn't shipped.  I found out:

The camera would be a "foreign" model and not the model intended for the US market although this wasn't explained anywhere on the website.

They (as previously posted) are not an authorized Sony re-seller, so the warranty was through their company, not through Sony.

They claimed the camera would be "new" not "reconditioned".

I then cancelled my order, so I have no idea what I would have received or when.

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Re: should I trust

They have quite a laundry list of complaints at [URL=""]Ripoff Report[/URL] and an F with the [URL=""]BBB[/URL].

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