RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

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highlando New Member • Posts: 16
RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

A couple of times since I received my RX100 I have put the camera away for a couple of days with the battery partially discharged (but not showing a low battery warning). Then when I turn the camera on a couple of days later the battery is completely dead.

I am testing this with my new spare battery now to see if the original camera battery might have been defective. But I wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Or if there is some setting I have made with the camera that is causing battery drain when the camera off.

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GARich Contributing Member • Posts: 891
Re: RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

No problems here. I have two batteries and they both hold a charge when camera is turned off...

Lloyd Lande New Member • Posts: 5
Re: RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

I am having this problem I turn the camera off with a fully charged battery and come back several hours later and the camera won't even turn on.  This has happened with 3 different batteries.  I don't think it is accidentally turning on via touching the display button.

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Len_Gee Veteran Member • Posts: 9,880
Re: RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

are all your batteries  O.E.M.?

how are you charging them? Through the camera, or separate charger?


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Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson Forum Pro • Posts: 15,361
Re: RX100 Battery Drain When Camera Off?

Some people have posted incidents where RX100 or RX100M2 models turn themselves on spontaneously.   If that happens, it can run the battery down, and when you come back to the camera again there's no indication it happened so the cause of the rundown is a mystery.

If you suspect this, leave the camera on a table, turned off, with something fairly light sitting up against the front of the lens housing.   If the camera turns on, the lens should extend and push the object away.   If the object is no longer up against the lens when you return then it means the camera must have turned itself on while you were gone.

AlphaTikal Senior Member • Posts: 2,160
Old thread warning

Guys you respond to a thread over two years old. Besides thid, I had similiar problem with my new A77M2. I think the internal battery for date will be charges. Not sure if this is the only reason, but maybe part of it.
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Sean Nelson
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Re: Old thread warning

AlphaTikal wrote:

Guys you respond to a thread over two years old.

Yes - but Lloyd is posting with his own new problem and, I think, deserves an answer.

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