Advanced editing request.

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Re: Advanced editing request.

took a crack at this. wanted to try a trial software program to see if not only could it be done, but how fast it could be done.

i'm not a fan of HDR in general. there are times when it's appropriate, but more times when it really is not. however in this situation it could help to bring out some detail in those rocks.

now maybe it was just me, but opening your raw file it opened up at a white balance of 2900 kelvin. was your camera set to tungsten?

anyway set white balance off the cloud, processed it 3 times - normal, +2, -1. tossed them into the trial software. only adjustment in photomatix was to open up the shadows a bit more. spit it back out, reopened the tiff in cs6 and did a simple digital velvia action. this whole process took about 6 minutes.

i experimented a bit, but felt anymore than +2 on the cliff looked far too unnatural.

really wish i had a spare $100 for that software

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Re: Advanced editing request.

Sorry I missed your response. I would have liked to see what you achieved.

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Re: Advanced editing request.

Corel Aftershot plus changes water color a bit to give it a glaciel feel

Saffron_Blaze wrote:

Anyone willing to give this a crack? I am not happy with the outcome and even achieving this exhausted my editing talents (limited as they are). Happy to supply the RAW as my problem is with the cliff face originally being rather dark (not to mention the WB was borked). I used a layer mask to achive this but it seems a bit clunky to me.

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Re: Advanced editing request. Pictus

what is a formula for your version.
That is beautiful..
I would sure like to learn...
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Re: Advanced editing request. Pictus

The question is:

Will you sit there?

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celticsfan New Member • Posts: 3
Great Thread!

I don't comment often here but this thread was pretty cool to read. It's amazing how many different interpretations you can find starting from the same image. This makes me want to go back and reprocess some previous shots to see what is still possible.


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Re: Advanced editing request.

Here is my try....

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