CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

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fraserhadden Regular Member • Posts: 293
CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

I currently have 2 E-510s, each fitted with a 4GB CF card and a 2GB xD card. I shoot RAW.

I am about to go off to Canada and feel I will need greater storage capacity.

With an eye to future trends in storage, am I better to buy 2 SD-to-CF adapters and fit these with SD cards, rather than buying large-capacity CF cards? Intuitively, it seems so, but are there any drawbacks to the adaptor approach?

Thanks for any guidance


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herebefore Veteran Member • Posts: 3,296
Re: CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

I have several CF-SD card adapters that I purchased a couple of years ago when Olympus started putting SD slots in their cameras.

I have a couple of m43 cameras and I knew I would want to be able to use the SD cards I purchased in my Olympus DSLRs.

The adapters work very well, and over 2 years, shooting every day, I think I may have had 3 incidents where the camera would tell me there was a "card problem".

Each time, the "card problem" was fixed by taking out the cf adapter, removing the SD card and re-inserting it.

I buy my memory cards at local stores and every time I look, the SD cards are less expensive than the CF card of the same capacity, so I think it was a good decision for me.

I have even shot with a micro SD card in an SD adapter, and the SD adapter in a CF adapter (but I dont recommend this as a rule... just too much "stuff" to keep track of).

This wont work for everyone, but if you tend not to shoot in the "spray and pray" mode, you will be OK. The SD cards are a little slower than the fastest CF cards I have.

The SD in an adapter is MUCH MUCH faster than any iteration of XD card.

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19andrew47 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,080
Re: CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

I didn't even realize this was an option. Dah! I haven't purchased any compact flash cards in about two years as I had many, but reasonably small capacity. The fastest were only 4 Gb cards. I need to look into this. Since I have been using micro SD cards in adapters I should have realized there would be one for SD to compact flash. Thanks!!

OP fraserhadden Regular Member • Posts: 293
Re: CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

Many thanks for your extensive reply.

I shall duly go down the route you have pioneered.


Charlene_S Senior Member • Posts: 1,822
This one only works with certain cameras. See link below
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declan79 Regular Member • Posts: 366
Re: This one only works with certain cameras. See link below

I find this n interesting adapter, and is there a suspicious delay in terms of transfer speed? Let say from micro sd+adapter

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Trevor Carpenter
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Re: CF cards vs. SD cards in an SD-to-CF adapter

I've got a pal who has used an SD to CF adaptor on his Sony A700 and definitely notices deterioration in performance, nothing to worry about when taking single shot jpgs but much more so when bursting esp in Raw and when bracketing

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OP fraserhadden Regular Member • Posts: 293
Thanks to all

I think that if there is a questionmark over performance using an adaptor, I will reverse my earlier decision and stick with CF cards.

I am only protecting an 'investment' of maybe £60 all in and have discovered that the current top-of-the-line Canons and Nikons are still using CF cards, so obviously they believe that there is life in this format yet.


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