Best landscape lens for K-5

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Pentax_Prime wrote:

Hi Thomas

Hi Andy,

I don't know if I've seen these three shots before, but those three are some real portfolio material - definitely 1 or 2 a year kind of landscapes, just stunning. I really enjoy the work you do with the 21 and 43; they are both such unique lenses and when someone has the eye, and scenic opportunity, and puts them to use - they do some really incredible things. I feel this way about the 24 and 43 in many situations; they are so versatile and it's almost like an experiment seeing how they will render certain events/people/places/colors/compositions/etc.

2 and 3 have been posted here before and both are among my all time favourite images, thus I appreciate you liking them and represents two locations I feel very closely connected to, the deserts of Utah and the arctic desert of northeastern Greenland.

4 I may or may not have posted, it is an image from the D3 and nikkor 70-200 VRI.
Again an image I like a lot personally.

yep the FA*24 is surely a unique piece of glass and your work with it excellent.

Thanks for commenting Andy and good to see you around here.

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Re: Pentax DA 16-45/4 and Sigma 10-20/4-5.6

Here's my thoughts based on ownership experience:

DA12-24 (currently own this) - terrific lens, very sharp, a little PF sometimes but not too bad, very little distortion, nice colour/contrast but not as good as Pentax lenses

DA17-70 (currently own this) - By far my favourite lens for landscapes - prefer the focal length, very sharp, great Pentax colours/contrast, minimal distortion

Sigma 17-70 - close to DA17-70 but colour/contrast not so good

DA15mm - very light & easy to carry, lovely colour/contrast but very disappointed with soft corners on my copy

DA18-55WR (kit lens) - light, small, good image quality but doesn't produce quite the same levels of sharpness/colour or contrast as the DA17-70

I'll not comment on others as I haven't owned them.


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Pentax M50 1.7 or Ricoh 1.7

Not do-everything lenses by any means, but AMAZINGLY sharp for cropped landscapes. You won't touch these MF lenses with ANY zoom and they can be had cheap.

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

Depends on your needs or style.

Personally i don't use WA for landscape very often, i much prefer my DA*50-135mm, it's my most used lens for landscape.
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Re: 2, 3, and 4

Thx bud; I know there are alot of poor DA15 examples going around (I heard some noob was shooting out of his car window and posting them), but it really is a good lens used for more than just 'flare tests' and snapshots.

SMcGuire45 wrote:


Thanks a bunch for your pictures and is greatly appreciated. The DA15 does indeed look like a fantastic landscape lens.

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

Just got back from Los Angeles yesterday.  I shot these on my K-5 IIs and DA 17-70mm zoom lens, with B+W Kaesmann polarizer (screw-on filter) and a GRD-ND filter hand-held over the lens.  The sky was flat but I was pleased with the composition.

I also caught the following shot of downtown LA from Griffith Observatory.  It's rare that the LA skyline is not filled with smog so I considered this a decent shot.  The arc of light was from a low flying plane:

You can see some recent shots caught with my K-5 IIs here:

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

I am using Pentax 17-70 and Sigma 10-20. These lenses should cover 80% of landscape work (for the rest you need something longer, for example 70-300).

Both lenses are really sharp, at least in my opinion. Just take a look at my website, you will find a lot of examples there.

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

S.T.Shooter Those are great shots. I have that lens on my wish list.

Tom W(ret)

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

Don't know if this is the 'best' landscape lens, but it has worked well for me - the Pentax DA 18-250 f3.5-6.3.

A recent shot with my K5 and this lens @ 23mm:

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

This lens is not available any more, but would be available on the aftermarket. Some say that one might not get a good copy - mine is great.

Many excellent suggestions above. I suggest you go to the Pentax Photo Gallery and check out images made with the various lens suggestions. You can search my camera and lens, so you get to see many fabulous examples of the combination.

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

Love my Tamron 17-50 f2.8


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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

DA 15 IF you like to hike and go LIGHT.  It's so small, you'll never notice it.  It really can't be beat if you are on the move.

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Re: The honest answer is.

Excellent detailed answer.

And good looking examples.

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