D5100 Battery Problems

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jcockeri Forum Member • Posts: 66
D5100 Battery Problems


I just bought a D5100 about a week ago. After the very first charge I got about 480 RAW photos from the battery on one day of shooting before it died. Since then it won't recharge. The light on the charger will blink continously but never go solid (indicating the battery is fulyl charged). I have tried different outlets and even tried charging at a couple friends houses but nothing works. I let it charge overnight, came back in the morning and the light was still blinking. I put the battery back in the camera and it didn't even have enough charge to take 1 photo.

I'm going to be taking it back to the dealer as it is brand new and still under warantly. I'm wondering if anyone is ahving issues with the D5100 battery and if so, how did you fix them? Was your dealer cooperative?

Nikon D5100
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nickwhite Regular Member • Posts: 107
Re: D5100 Battery Problems

Sounds like the battery is toast. I'd return it.

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toomanycanons Forum Pro • Posts: 11,231
Re: D5100 Battery Problems

It's either your battery or your charger. My fully charged battery lasts forever.

Mark 100 New Member • Posts: 12
Re: D5100 Battery Problems

My new D5100, with a fully charged battery I got 29 pics out before it was flat.

toomanycanons Forum Pro • Posts: 11,231
Re: D5100 Battery Problems

I get more than 500 on a job and the battery indicator says 1/2 full.

OP jcockeri Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: D5100 Battery Problems

Just an update as I posted this a while ago. I took it to Blacks (where I purchased it) and they were abel to charge it, so we concluded it was a charger issue. I then took it directly to Nikon in Mississauga. They were awesome! They filled the work order and gave me a new one within half an hour (usually this can take up to 2 weeks because of processing).

If your battery is still under warranty, I would take it in and get a new one. But try charging on a different station like I did because it might be the charger.

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