Eye Cup for Pentax K-5 Solved

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Eye Cup for Pentax K-5 Solved


I have completely solved the viewfinder Glare problem with my Pentax K-5, by fitting the Hoodman HoodEye. This Eye Cup can be used by spectacle wearers.

From Amazon.co.uk, I purchased the Model HEYEC18G, this is for the CANON 10D, 20D,30D, 40D, 50D. 60D and all Rebel Models. This was sold by Amazon & supplied by Keene Electronics.

It took just 10 minutes work with a square ended file that has a safe edge, to modify the HoodEYE to obtain a perfect fit on the Pentax K-5.

The HoodEYE is pushed down over the viewfinder mounting rails and is locked into place by a locking tab that snaps into a secure locking position.

Some 1/32inch of material has to be removed from each side of the 'wings' that fit into the viewfinder mounting rails and the locking tab 'rail' also needs a few thou removed. I used a Dial Reading Vernier to accurately measure the work.

It really is an easy job to fettle.

Best Regards,

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Re: Eye Cup for Pentax K-5 Solved

Is the "frame" that you had to file down a bit metal or plastic?

I have been looking for an eye cup for the K5 for 2 years now and this sounds like a way to get one.

thanks for the post.

Larry Buck

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Re: Eye Cup for Pentax K-5 Solved


I've been GOING CRAZY looking for a solution to this problem (and rather upset that NOBODY -- especially Hoodman) seemed to care about a solution for anyone but Canon or Nikon users -- and also WONDERING if one for Canon or Nikon COULD be adapted -- I haven't even finished reading your post, yet, but I assume that's what you've done.

THAT was going to be the next thread I started -- one asking IF there was anything out there or IF there was any way to ADAPT an existing eye cup. So after I post this reply, I have other things to do, so I'm going to leave your solution UP, and come back to it later, print it -- maybe FRAME IT?!?...
May the Blessings Be.

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Re: Eye Cup for Pentax K-5 Solved

iPentax wrote:


I have completely solved the viewfinder Glare problem with my Pentax K-5, by fitting the Hoodman HoodEye.

Good to hear! I assume from that that you have tested it in the field? ... and with glasses on?

It is a pity that to get it Downunder will cost 3x the purchase price ... I am not sure that I am willing to pay $80 just yet. Particularly given the reviews on Amazon ...

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