Newer battery LP-E8 works on previous Canon 450D?

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startlive New Member • Posts: 4
Newer battery LP-E8 works on previous Canon 450D?

I have a Canon 450D/Rebel Xsi, which uses battery LP-E5 (7.4V, 1080mAh). Now needs replacement batteries. I am intrigued by LP-E8, (7.4V, 1500 mAh) which seems to be more powerful. LP-E8 is officially compatible with newest Canon Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T4i).

What’s the difference between LP- E5 and LP-E8? May I simply use LP-E8 on Canon 450D/Rebel Xsi? Any problems of compatibility?

For a deal, any online store with reputation in the US to recommend?

Thank you for your advice!

Canon EOS 450D (EOS Rebel XSi / EOS Kiss X2) Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i) Olympus E-5
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Pete4 Contributing Member • Posts: 747
Re: Newer battery LP-E8 works on previous Canon 450D?

I used to have 450D, when I upgraded to 500D, different battery label meant, older battery would no longer fit in newer camera. Since 650D will become available next week, not possible to verify for sure, but I'm 90% convinced the battery size will be different and it won't fit here as well. Also higher capacity probably means new battery is bigger. All Rebels have the same voltage going back probably to at least 400d, maybe even 300D, but they're all different sizes.

Narcosynthesis Senior Member • Posts: 1,826
Re: Newer battery LP-E8 works on previous Canon 450D?

A camera will only be able to use the specified battery - the LP-E8 for example will almost certainly (I say that only because I don't have two to compare, though I am pretty much certain) be a slightly different fit than the LP-E5 - things like the shape and size will vary depending on what Canon need from a battery - if the LP-E8 is a 1500mAh battery rather than 1050mAh battery for example, it will most likely be slightly larger physically to provide this extra capacity. I know for example when they moved from the 400d to the 450d they needed to spec a larger battery to cope with the higher drain of live view and associated functions, so the 450d shipped with a new type of battery.

Most of the batteries will be shared between a few different models - the NLB-2H my 400d uses for example is also shared by the 350d, certain G series models and a couple of the camcorders Canon make.

007peter Forum Pro • Posts: 11,196
I'm quite sure they don't FIT. Different shape design

I could be wrong, but I'm almost 99% sure that a E-P8 battery (600d/550d) will NOT fit in a E-P5 camera like those on 500d/450d.

Canon like to force people to buy new battery. That hasn't change. When I downgrade from a 30d to Rebel 400d, I had to buy new set of batteries. Then Canon makes yet another changed in battery design with 450d, so I have to invest in yet another set when I upgrade from 400d to 450d.

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