World cools towards Obama

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Re: World cools towards Obama

JulesJ wrote:

Interesting reading. But don't ignore the comparisons with Bush before the Republicans say I told you so .

Um, you do realize that these are Republicans you are talking about. They all just automatically mentally edited out the second sentence. It was just an empty space to them.

Besides, like I have been saying for years the whole world is drifting variously to the right and the far right. It is the default position for rampant panic and anger.

After a decade or two of economic degradation most will be nostalgic for these better years. Once they realize that no government will speed this recovery and worse than that a certain party lays a particular patch of white out over those who are hit by it the most, at that moment this rampant bi-partisan obsession will cool. Things won't start getting better until hope drains I'm afraid. Like the other great depressions recovery won't begin until the masses are forced to become selfless.
I will say then, I told you so. Mark my words kiddies.

Besides, in past elections at this point out in time the eventual winning party was more often than not a losing prospect.
You may think that Obama is bad but look at the alternatives. Sheesh!

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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Re: World cools towards Obama

I don't know...regression to the mean? Streaks end and "hot hands" are an illusion.

Reminds me of a feature the Washington Post runs every January. Their chief snarky reporter compiles a list of "What's In...What's Out."

It's a point of personal pride that every year there are more and more items on the "Now Out" list that I either don't recognize at all or never knew they were once "in", let alone had been replaced.

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Re: World cools towards Obama

René Schuster wrote:

Even the main German news magazine, Der Spiegel, has it on its front page: "Obama's failed presidency".

Interesting to see these articles NOW, a week after the Bilderbergers had their annual meeting, this time in the US. My conclusion is they made up their mind and will no longer support Obama but probably prefer seeing Romney in the White House, a far more willing "tool" to follow their agenda of adding Iran to the Rothschild banking empire, to rewrite the map of the entire middle east by bringing war to this region and to also speed up the process of destroying Dollar as well as Euro to move one step closer to their New World Order.

The English language version of a new Spiegel article: "The President of Disappointments - How Obama Has Failed to Deliver"

Not to be misunderstood as an anti-Obama article (the first word on the front page of this week's Spiegel magazine is "Schade" (What a pity"), but I think it is a good description of how many in Germany see the US of today.


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Re: It was predictable. The obama mania couldn't last.

JulesJ wrote:
Do you mean Obama's glow has shed. He's last week's newspaper. ?
If you can't state yoursefl clearly, best not to at all.

jonrobertp wrote:

Obama's glow is shed. He's last weeks newspaper. Too bad there's not much better in the waiting.

Good for you! You found the missing apostrophe! I hope the rest of his stable of surrogates don't turn into the punctuation police. That would make them look kinda desperate, don't you think?

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Re: World cools towards Obama...I'm not surprised!

Obama is a disapointment because he is to weak to withstand pressure and gave in all the time even when he had a majority in congress at the beginning.

He is just a Bush light who follows almost the same destructive politics. If he had kept what he had promised at least partly, his voters and "the world" would propably be less critical of him.

The far right would hate him no matter what because he´s black.

YoHahnMD wrote:

Perhaps what this means is that the rest of the world is finally starting to realize that here in the USA . . . most of us US citizens really don't like NoBama!

He is a one-time wonder who won the election last time because he was able to fool the mindless majority into believing he was the answer.

I was not one of them . . .

Of course . . . now the world knows that he was not!

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Vote NoBama for Ex-President in 2012

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Re: World cools towards Obama

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Re: World cools towards Obama

They gave him the Nobel Peace prize. The Nobel committee and all those who fawned over him looked stupid and ridiculous 3.5 years ago. Now they look like sh!t-for-brains ignoramuses.

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