When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

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Pandaemas Contributing Member • Posts: 554
When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

I think the M8 is still a very capable camera. Despite having other cameras such as the M9 and also the OM-D EM-5, I find the M8 provides a unique characteristic of it's own. And at times I think I like it better than both of my cameras, especially for outdoor shots.

It's a bit unfortunate that the ISO capability is not as good as many hoped for, but I have gone to ISO 1250 and many times at ISO 2500, and found no problems with it.

Matched with my recently acquired 50 collapsible summicron, I think it's MY classic to keep.

xtforest Contributing Member • Posts: 605
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

yup, agree. When I finally got an M9, it was great to use all that glass at their native focal lengths, but I keep gravitating back to my M8. As I've said before, I prefer the metering on the M8; my favorite combo is M8 with Zeiss 28/f2.8 Biogon.

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Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

I agree.

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Clint Dunn Senior Member • Posts: 1,436
Ahh yes...the M8

I recently sold my M8 to fund the purchase of an XPro-1. It was a tough decision for me as I LOVED the M8....the image quality at base ISO is magical and the resolution with my 50mm Summicron and Zeiss 25mm were just crazy, good....well beyond what you would expect from a 10MP sensor.

At the end of the day the M8 was getting long in the tooth and I lusted for the Fuji...so I jumped ship. I've ordered the M adapter for the Fuji and kept my M lenses so I'm eager to see how they work out.

I will say the M8 was an awesome investment; I bought the camera used but in mint condition for $2k, used it for a year and a half and then sold it for $1950.....pretty good if you ask me!


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Alex K. Regular Member • Posts: 156
Re: Ahh yes...the M8

it can't be an investment if u lost money :). I would call it a cheap rental

rusch07 Contributing Member • Posts: 584
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

I remember a very early comparison done by Irakly regarding M8 and M9, resulting in the statement that the IQ of M8 is at least as good as IQ of M9.

That is why I'm using the M8 - as well as other cameras - in parallel to M9.

And I'm experimenting now with M8 as bw only camera (not only following a comment given by Artchoke).

Kind regards


Bryan Campbell Senior Member • Posts: 1,012
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

Nice photos! I like the last one the best. There is something wonderful about b&w photos that come from the M8 that I can't quite put my finger on. The M9 also makes equally beautiful b&w images but they look a bit different.

steveleicaman Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

I was a massive fan of my M8. A great camera whatever it's faults and still a landmark in my opinion.

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seadog58 New Member • Posts: 7
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

Love my M8. Use it a 28mm all the time. Took great pictures at a wedding last week. I shoot it in raw and black and white. Just love the way it renders it in black and white. it's still a joy to use and very happy with the picture quality. it does have it's quirks but what camera doesn't. At the end of the day I still enjoy shooting with it.

bpalme Senior Member • Posts: 1,063
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

At least it wasn't painted grey. I love the Native focal length but if I had it to do over I would have kept the M8.
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RaajS Veteran Member • Posts: 6,108
Re: When the M8 starts to be forgotten...

Agree with you guys - the M8 color signature as well as B&W renderings have some magic to them. I couldn't bring myself to part with my M8. Have been shooting with it recently - really glad I didn't get rid of it. Hope to post some images soon.

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Artichoke Forum Pro • Posts: 12,413
holding onto my M8 as well

it was the first digital M & I love the chrome finish of mine

can't say that I have used it since getting the M9, but I'm keeping my ir/cut filter collection, just in case I have to put it back into active duty
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Supanova: Sydney

Here's one from the weekend, at Supanova Pop Culture Festival, Sydney: endless queues for book signings, celebrity pics and general hero worship.
M8, Zeiss 28mm Biogon, f2.8@1/4s,

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