Adhesive reflective mylar?

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ComputerDork Regular Member • Posts: 225
Adhesive reflective mylar?

I hope this isn't a totally stupid question, but what am I supposed to be doing with adhesive reflective mylar?

I got a few feet of this (in addition to some other stuff with more obvious uses like cinefoil and black straws) with a small strobe kit that I bought a while back. I can't quite figure out what they're assuming that people will make with this. Mine has been sitting around doing nothing.

I thought I might stick the stuff to some cinefoil I have to make formable reflectors that are smoother than aluminum foil, but I thought maybe I should ask people what they do with this stuff before potentially wasting it. The other obvious idea is to stick the stuff to foam core or whatever but that's not terribly portable.

(BTW, for those who don't know, you can buy small rolls of cinefoil but they're sold under the name "photofoil". Cinefoil is great stuff!)

kgbruce01 Senior Member • Posts: 1,245
Re: Adhesive reflective mylar?

I put a strip in my homemade large cap diffuser (barebulb), on the back/inside to bounce some light forward. I lined a long snoot with it to cause a larger/different spread than my other snoots. I made a few small macro reflectors with cardboard.

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