OMD Black VS Silver

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hishouken Junior Member • Posts: 31
Re: Black does Look better with grip

I have a Black Pany LX3, then a silver NEX and now its back to black for the OM-D for me. No white or pink please.

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digifan Senior Member • Posts: 2,325
Re: I bought the silver one ...

but I decided that I will replace my E-5 next year with a black version of the E-M5.
I have good hope there will be new fast lenses next year

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Gary Stallones Senior Member • Posts: 1,310
Re: Oh Please!

Why is everyone buying into this conclusion that you are invisible if you carry around a black body (with a silver lens attached) and yet a silver body (which only the top and bottom of the camera are actually silver) you stand out and everyone notices that you are carrying a camera?????

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arief poerniawan Regular Member • Posts: 380
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

lokks like you have the same problem as me at first, but then i decided to take the black version. speaking the truth the silver version is look prettier then the black as it may look more classic, but then i compare it in the simulation at, i find the combination of black EM5 and the HLD 6 (vertical grip) that only available at black color, i find it combination of black camera and black VG is better, even if combine both of the with the silver lens like 45mm f1.8 or 12mm f2. i have mind black EM 5 and brown caramel strap from Zkin, look pretty too and i have them both

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panolympus Regular Member • Posts: 169
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

The black camera is better for street. Nothing shines more than silver, a dead giveaway when trying to get candid shots. The black camera takes better pictures because it harbors stealth technology

steven168z Junior Member • Posts: 26
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

both are good.

it is up to the person who using it.

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Laryb Regular Member • Posts: 105
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

Silver for me. The body stayed quite cool walking the Vegas strip last week. Every so often I'd check placing my hand on body then the 12-50 which is black. Quite a difference.

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Bob Tullis
Bob Tullis Forum Pro • Posts: 36,579
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

panolympus wrote:

The black camera is better for street. Nothing shines more than silver, a dead giveaway when trying to get candid shots. The black camera takes better pictures because it harbors stealth technology

I don't buy it.   The act of shooting is the attraction to the action, in my experience.

The interest in what camera is dangling from the strap goes to the silver because it appears to be more classic and film-like than the black, though I've been queried about the black body as well when MF legacy glass has been mounted.

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Pierrrrrrre New Member • Posts: 3
Re: OMD Black VS Silver

I am considering buying this camera, but hesitates on what body to pick.

I live in a very humid and hot country, so I sweat easily when holding the camera.

I quickly tried a black one, and I liked the feeling of the material used on the body. Did anyone tried both (black and silver bodies) and could tell me how's the feeling of the silver one compared to the black one?

I like the silver look (reminds me of my dad's old SLRs), but the black material on it looks like plastic, so I'm afraid it would be covered with sweat (and therefore slippery) after an hour of use...?

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