Best Circular Polarizer?

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kay4401 Regular Member • Posts: 442
Best Circular Polarizer?

I just purchased a Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 D lens from eBay, and I want to get a circular polarizer for it. I think it takes 77mm filters. I have a 67mm Nikon polarizer that I like just fine...just wanted to ask if people like anything else better?

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dwa1 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,179
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

Best CP? Not sure, but I use the B+W KSM CP...

Here's a 77mm can check the reviews for this item...

They also make a slim version of the KSM.

Hope this helps,


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Denis of Whidbey Island
Denis of Whidbey Island Senior Member • Posts: 1,244
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

In my experience, B+W and Heliopan are excellent.


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Catallaxy Veteran Member • Posts: 3,724
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

I have a B+W in 67mm, an old Tiffen in 52mm, and old Hoya in 52mm, and a Marumi in 77mm (and a no-name in 49mm).

The B+W and Marumi are very good. Easy to clean, easy to turn, and I do not notice any color casts, flare problems or IQ issues.

The old Hoya is the worst - hard to clean and I can see a small drop in sharpness. The Tiffen is uncoated and has a few scratches (very faint), but I use it over the Hoya.

If I ever need to buy new again, I would get Marumi - outstanding CPL for the price. If I went into some hot humid places all the time (jungles), I would get the B+W Kaeseman, which is sealed so that no separation takes place.

Try Adorama, B&H or for used. You can sometimes find good deals on used filters and rings.

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tyyreaun Contributing Member • Posts: 523
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

+1 for B+W Kaesemans. They now make them in their XS-Pro filter mounts, which are thinner but still have front threads for a lens cap or stacking lenses. Not that you need a slim filter for an 80mm lens, but it doesn't hurt in case you can UWAs in the future.

If price is an issue, I got my fiancee a cheap Polaroid CPL and it works pretty well. Interestingly enough, it actually appears to let more light through than my B+W, while still applying the polarizing effect.

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beshannon Veteran Member • Posts: 4,216
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?
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Taffy ML Regular Member • Posts: 125
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

I use a 77mm Heliopan - not cheap but good results.

Mark L

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Nikita66 Contributing Member • Posts: 808
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

According to tests, B+W and especially Heliopan are very poor values.
Looks like Marumi and some others are a better quality/cost value.

Thanks for posting the link to this site.

NikonUser1959 New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

No worries, btw I bought a Marumi DHG Super CPL myself...

T O Shooter Veteran Member • Posts: 8,469
$ and quality go together?

I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Seeing as the Marumi Super DHG is about 1/2 of what the B+W Kaesemann (77mm) is, test or no, I'd like to see some more comparisons. Do you know of anyone else that reviewed filters? I've always used B + W, but could use a couple of new 77s. I see a lot of landscape pros used Singh Ray LBs. Anyone have any comments on the Singh Rays or the Marumi? Unless they're tested there's really no way to tell definitively.

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OP kay4401 Regular Member • Posts: 442
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

Thanks for the link. Based on the overwhelmingly good reviews, I decided to purchase this filter.

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Will Nguyen Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

I have the B+W KSM MRC and Nikon Cir. Pol. II. I made some comparison. Build quality, B+W is heavier but also thicker. For wide angle, Nikon fits better. For optical quality, Nikon is warmer. Attached are some pictures taken with and without filters. This is the first time I upload pictures. Although I named the files after the filter I used, but I do not see them (names) here. If that is the case, you can see the pictures in my gallery.

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Funduro Contributing Member • Posts: 983
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

Will, the images are pretty tiny in size, not your fault. DPR's website compresses the images to limit file sizes stored. Good that you posted the test you performed but from what I can see(posterized blue sky) limits any meaningful value. Your opinion is better in this case.

BTW I own a B+W KSM CP. I bought the B+W based on comments posted on Adorama and B&H. My reasoning being, it would make sense to buy the "best" right off the bat, then "upgrade" later on. I also have two 20+YO polarizer filters: Canon 52MM and Hoya 62MM for my film camera lenses.
FYI avatar image is by Steve McCurry

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Hauer Senior Member • Posts: 1,105
Re: Best Circular Polarizer?

Hi - in my humble opinion... B+W (MRC) meaning the multi resistant coated version.

Cheers - Herman

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