GPS for Nikon D800

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ppronovo Regular Member • Posts: 278
GPS for Nikon D800

Does anyone have a recommendation for an external GPS device to attach to the D800? I haven't heard great things about Nkon's GP-1.

I'm heading to Alaska later this month where I thought it would be useful. Given the latitude there, and most satellites are in the south, does anyway know how well GPS performs there?


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Nikon D800
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afoton Senior Member • Posts: 1,887
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

I have used a Solmeta N2 and a Aokatec AK-4N bluetooth adapter. The Solmeta doesn't work very well because a bad connection in the interchangable data cable. The Aokatec has never let me down. I use a Holux for pairing with the bluetooth adapter.

Both of these, and a Garmin has been used north of 80 degree without any issue.

josephlck1 New Member • Posts: 10
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

Do you have a smart phone? You can try this:

EDIT: ups. Just noticed the Alaska bit. Your phone might not do that well... But anything that can export GPS data should work fine.

beshannon Veteran Member • Posts: 4,216
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

ppronovo wrote:

Does anyone have a recommendation for an external GPS device to attach to the D800? I haven't heard great things about Nkon's GP-1.

Not sure what or where you have "heard" things about the GP1 but I like mine alot.\

I have never had any issues on any of my camera bodies.

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Harry Sinniah Regular Member • Posts: 209
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

This is a long discussion on this in the D800-D4 forum, Its reallt a mized bag, there are a lot of options based on what you need... some of the questions to answer are..

1. Do you need to used the Horse shoe.
2. Does it have to be compact.
3. Is battery drain a issue for you
4. Do you intend to also use your cell phone
5. Would you prefer a GPS logger.
6. what kind of peformance do you want indoors.

7. Do you want GPS data to be written into NEF/JPG or doing mind doing some post processing to get data into the file..

So based on your responses to all the above question, you can pick one. I did a bit of research & have picked the AK-N1-II with a Qstar 1000Xt GPS logger (I already own this).

Its a small , elegent and resonable priced solution with no wiires, It may involve a little bit of shaving the AK-N1-II but thats acceptable as it dosen;t void any warranty...

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jetblast New Member • Posts: 16
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

You should have a look at this.....

Just a satisfied customer


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mremonen Regular Member • Posts: 174
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

jetblast wrote:

You should have a look at this.....

Except that it does not fit to D800... found that the hard way...

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Russell Evans Forum Pro • Posts: 12,617
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

BlueSLR looks very nice.

Post below about use with D800.

Thank you

mremonen Regular Member • Posts: 174
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

Managed to fit it to D800. Will take photos which will be posted to the manufacturer's site (blog). They will introduce new version during fall which will fit D800 without modifications.

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Captain Hook
Captain Hook Senior Member • Posts: 2,380
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

Read my solution:

It works for me, and not expensive!

Photo Pete Veteran Member • Posts: 5,430
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

None of the web links to blueslr seem to be working. Anybody know if the company is still trading?
App is still on the app store, but that doesn't mean too much.
Have Fun
Photo Pete

Al Gooding Regular Member • Posts: 153
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

I have had great luck with nGPS on my D200. It also comes with cables to fit the D800. Link is . Got mine used on fleabay, would buy new without thinking twice.

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GV56 New Member • Posts: 3
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

I researched this issue for my D800E. A recommendation that I saw posted several times on various sites was the combination of the Holux GPS locator and the Aokatec 4NIII receiver that fits on the Nikon 10 pin connector by the lens. I used this on a recent trip to Italy and I have serious criticisms of this combination. The unit was very inconsistent in connecting to a satellite, even within the same general area. Sometimes it would connect fairly quickly (1 minute or so). At times it wouldn't connect at all and often I would turn it on, get no connection and then find that it had connected well into the shoot.

The second major issue is that battery life is limited. Four days into the shoot, the low battery warning turned on. The lithium ion battery that is included (Model: HX-N3650A) is  not rechargeable and expensive. (on the website it lists for ~$28). I also had no luck finding a rechargeable battery. So consider just how expensive it is to use this unit. Ridiculous!

So that's the bad news. The good news is that I think I've found an excellent solution in the Solmeta Geotagger N3. The unit works off the Nikon battery and supposedly (based on web research) is not a significant additional drain. It's powered through the 10 pin connector by the lens, so there's no cable interferance that occurs with units that plug into the connectors on the side of the camera body and preclude rapid tripod switches from landscape to portrait orientation. The receiver/transmitter unit can be fitted onto the hot shoe or on the camera strap, etc. It's feather weight. It consistently and quickly picks up a satellite signal. It also has an "indoor" feature, which means that if you're shooting outside and then go inside, it will retain the prior geotag info.

I think this may be a very good solution and I hope these comments are helpful.

bpulv New Member • Posts: 1
Re: GPS for Nikon D800

Two years ago I used a Micnova on a Nikon D90 on an Inside Passage cruise. The GPS coverage was spotty. In April of this year, we took a round trip Hawaiian cruise from Los Angeles. Again, the percentage of tagged photographs was low. I don't know if it was because of the GPS unit or the area. However, in crossing 5,000 miles of ocean, you would think it would be better. My future Son-in-law has a Canon GPS on his Canon camera. My daughter took a trip from LA to Klamath Falls, OR by train, to Portland by car and plane to Glacier NP last month. Every single one of his 1000 plus photos were successfully tagged.

I just bought a D800. I need a GPS that is as reliable as the Canon. So far, I have not read any reviews for GPS units for Nikon with any where near that level of reliability.

BRENAC New Member • Posts: 3
Re: GPS for Nikon D800


I have a Nikon D7000 and a D810. On my D7000 i was not happy with the Phottix Geo one as it was draining the battery. Then i bought an AOKATEC, much better but unfortunately the lateral position of the plug on the body bended and i stopped using it.

On my D810 i am very happy with a di-GPS from dawntech. It fits well on the D810 boddy, nice looking, works well. However there is no integrated compass and the green LED is a bit too visible. I also have a AOKATEC but its size is a little too big and pop out on the side of the body. Compass works well on the AOKATEC after calibration (a bit tricky tho) .

Both aokatec and di-gps are based on MTK chipset and thus are low power consuption. I think that is the key along with the size and position of its antenna.

Unfortunately none of them fit the body when i am using a tamron 28-70 2.8 lense. So check what lense you have before making a choice !

To sum up i would recommend the di-GPS for D800/800E/810  if compass is not needed, AOKATEC if it is and most probably the colombus N-gps if you have lenses like mine and do not mind using the hotshoe.

Voila !

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