ZS20 / TZ30 - Low Light and getting round the loss of 'Starry Sky'?

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ZS20 / TZ30 - Low Light and getting round the loss of 'Starry Sky'?

I'm interested in getting hold of the ZS20 / TZ30 as I have some vouchers that will knock a bit off the price. It's a fast camera (burst mode, etc.) hence my interest and is an imporvement on the TZ20.

I note Starry Sky has been removed and the slowest shutter speed is now 15 seconds. I found this mode useful for very low light and gaining a good quality picture.

How do I get round this? Can I set the camera for 15 seconds shutter, maximum aperture and by nudging the ISO up to 200, get an acceptable picture say of the night sky? Or will 15 seconds at 100 ISO be okay?

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Re: ZS20 / TZ30 - Low Light and getting round the loss of 'Starry Sky'?

I have a ZS19 (ZS20 without GPS) and I, too, was sorry to see 30 & 60 second, yet, in practice I rarely used it.

The "Handheld Low Light" Might do the trick for you: It takes 3 shots in a very rapid burst, and combines them into one that apparently has a lot less "dreaded noise" than would otherwise be the case. I've only used it once and I don't think I held the camera very still, and a woman walked through the scene:

I'm planning a trip and really don't have time just now to do the experiment that would illustrate how all this works - perhaps someone else will. I'd love to see the results.

Bear in mind, though, that de-noise programs exist (XiMagic, free, for PC, and Topaz Denoise, not free, for Mac. The amount of noise control is spectacular:
Noisy Original:
Denoised (both applications equally good):

This may do the job for you.

Please let us know if you find this OK, or find a workaround. Because many of us would like to know

I still have a ZS6, ZS3 & my wife's TZ5 with full 60 seconds exposure.

Actually, the TZ1 & TZ3 are remarkably inexpensive now, and offer the full 60 sec.

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