A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

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Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

I rented a 70-200 VR for weekend ( they did not have the VRII ...) and I really enjoy it even though I am wide lens guy....

In fact this is my first venture with longer zoom than the kit lens......

All the shots were taken with this lens but the two shots in the Art Cars ( if you can call that art :), and the last two shots ( 16-85).

The preview of the annual Art Car Parade took place in Discovery Green Houston. There was Blues and kids enjoying a bubble bath as photo opportunities.

Then I had the chance to go to Brazos Bend Park and enjoy a taste of nature with this lens as well.

As usual C&C are welcome

" width="1000" height="714" alt="DSC_6895">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6875">

" width="1000" height="800" alt="DSC_6885">

" width="800" height="1000" alt="DSC_6852">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6903">

" width="1000" height="714" alt="DSC_6918">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6945">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6955">

" width="1000" height="714" alt="DSC_6981">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6752">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_6761">

" width="1000" height="666" alt="DSC_7103">

" width="662" height="1000" alt="DSC_7491">

" width="662" height="1000" alt="DSC_7099">

" width="1000" height="666" alt="DSC_7435">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_7261">

" width="1000" height="662" alt="DSC_7284">

Nikon D7000
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mothergoose Senior Member • Posts: 1,235
Re: A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

Unique portraits for sure. I like the lighting.
Is the last photo a swamp? Any alligators?
I guess that big lens can be a chore to carry around compared to your 16-85.

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Reilly Diefenbach
Reilly Diefenbach Forum Pro • Posts: 12,800
Re: A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

Really interesting set, Mario, well done indeed.

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DavidRaso Forum Member • Posts: 56
Re: A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

Hello Mario

All your pictures are sharp and vivid in colours. I like the picture of the bird sitting on a tree near the ground. Also the last pictures of the nature are nice. The cars are also eyecatching images .I was wundering if you had cropped the picture of the bird so that the bird filled the picture much more and came closer to the viewer.
best regards David

OP Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Re: A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

David, thanks.

That shot was at 200mm, I thought about cropping it a bit, however, I did not want to compromise the mountains on the horizon.... keeping the ratio.

The title of that particular shot is :

A Bird's View

Jakes Senior Member • Posts: 1,915
Re: A Variety Of Shots With My D7000

There are no mountains anywhere near Brazos Bend. Those are trees. Very nice shots, however.
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