5D3 AF Point Display

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John Zeman Regular Member • Posts: 330
5D3 AF Point Display

I've been configuring my 5D3 for my shooting style and it's been going very well except for one thing which I can't seem to get to work. When I enable the AF point display in the playback section (see below image) the AF point that obtained the focus is not displayed when I view my images on the camera LCD. I love this feature on my 1D4 so I wanted to enable it on the 5D3 as well but so far no luck.

Has anyone else enabled the AF point display option? If so does it work?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

RichW Forum Pro • Posts: 12,819
Works for me....

It's small but works just fine.


Yea, my 5D3 has the light leak with the lens cap on. The pics are better with the cap off anyway.

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Blue II
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Re: 5D3 AF Point Display

Works for me, but if you use rear button AF and aren't holding the AF button in when taking the picture, it won't show on the display (my 50D works the same way).

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OP John Zeman Regular Member • Posts: 330
Re: 5D3 AF Point Display

Well don't I feel like a dummy now. You are exactly right Blue, and what's more I just double checked and realized the 1D4 works the same way. It's just that when I was testing the 5D3 I hadn't been keeping my thumb on the AF-On button.

Thanks guys, mystery solved.

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