Guys prefer blondes....

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Guys prefer blondes....
RaajS Veteran Member • Posts: 6,101
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Wonderfully atmospheric image. Glad to see you're still here, dear Gianluca!


janlu wrote:

Regards, Gianluca

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l_objectif Forum Pro • Posts: 21,083
Re: Guys prefer blondes....


I like it very much! This shot reminds me of James Dean's movies!

BTW, I am not sure if boys prefers blonds; they just like pretty girls! ... Or maybe, because according to some, brunettes are smarter?


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MilSooper Senior Member • Posts: 1,869
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Nice image.
I like it.

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mcshan Veteran Member • Posts: 4,039
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

I have always found that most guys I have known who smoke still prefer women who don't.

Great shot. I loved this one.

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chiane Veteran Member • Posts: 4,397
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

The brunette is hotter.

Neil Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Nice moment Gianluca,
I am thinking that the gentleman might just prefer the shorter skirt though
Great pic my friend.

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ravinj Contributing Member • Posts: 587
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Nice. I will go for the brunette.

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brudy Senior Member • Posts: 1,510
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Very cinematic, great shot.

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Mauro.B Senior Member • Posts: 2,479
Nice & light

as usual, Gianluca.

I would have added more contrast in mid tones, but that's my taste.

Thanks for sharing,


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hughf Senior Member • Posts: 2,749
Re: Nice & light

Ciao Dear Gianlu,

superb capture ! I really enjoy the atmosphere here...As usuel with You .
Very 60'S LOOK...And actualy, i prefer Brunette

Best Regards.


Bill Spencer
Bill Spencer Contributing Member • Posts: 556
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Excellent! I think guys prefer short skirts...
Photography taught me how to see!

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Jose Salcedo Senior Member • Posts: 1,298
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

A beautiful photograph, Gianluca, intimate and suggestive.
Best regards,
Jose Salcedo

justfine Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

very nice picts indeed....guys prefer blondes or gays prefer blacks....have a good time.

Irakly Shanidze
Irakly Shanidze Veteran Member • Posts: 5,397
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

How come his knee touches the brunette? It seems that the guy is considering both options, or even menage au trois…
Irakly Shanidze

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tibi1978 Senior Member • Posts: 1,475
Hi Gianluca

Hi Gianluca,

Nice catch and suited title.

I think he will take both in the end, or so this is what I would do :-)))



Maphou Senior Member • Posts: 1,187
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

Is it taken from some movies 50s 60s...?
the poses, cigarettes, skirt... wonderful compo and capture
love it
Best wishes


Howard Shooter Regular Member • Posts: 290
Re: Guys prefer blondes....

really love this shot a lot!!!

well done.



OP janlu Veteran Member • Posts: 7,142
Thanks.... and...

... i'm really glad you liked the picture.... and you found in it something about the old years.... also the lens used , the Sonnar , is supposed for ....wide open.

and yes i like blondes and also brunettes but as someones of you stated ... both it's better !!!

Regards, Gianluca

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