AF Micro Adjustment 5D2 to 5D3

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Steve Leadenham New Member • Posts: 12
AF Micro Adjustment 5D2 to 5D3

Attempting to microadjust the focus of my lenses on my new 5D3 body, I dialled in the same settings as used on my 5D2 and was surprised to find a significant improvement in the fine focus. I used the same adjustment at the long and short end of the zooms and presumably this can be further fine tuned when I get the time.

My conclusion from this is that the focusing microadjustment is correcting lens inaccuracy rather than the combined body/lens inaccuracy. I expected that once one lens had been calibrated to the 5D3 body, my other lenses could be set relative to the 5D2 variation. I did not expect the 5D2 adjustments settings to give such similar result on the 5D3.

What has been the experience of owners of both 5D2 and 5D3 cameras in the setting of their respective microadjustments? Are the same settings on both cameras working for other people too?

Steve L

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Not the same adjustments for me

On my 5D II my 50mm f1.4 needed -6 on the 5D III -1.

The 24-104 f4 is needed -4 on the 5D II and 0 on the 5D III.

My go to lens the 70-200 f2.8 is ii needed 0 adjustment on the 50D, 7D & 5D II but now needs 1.

Over all the lens needs no adjustment on the 5D III.
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Re: AF Micro Adjustment 5D2 to 5D3


That would be an incorrect conclusion. Microadjustment does in fact affect lens-and-body as one. Now it may very well have been the case where you find yourself with an old 5D2 and a new 5D3 to be of similar build tolerance, in which case the MA offset would attribute mostly (or entirely) to the lens intolerance. That is actually a good thing and merely demonstrates Canon doing it's job right -- making ALL cameras to their intended tolerance (ideally @0).

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I've found this software to be invaluable both in accuracy and speed, especially when you have a couple of bodies and several might consider it.....

There have been several threads since it's recent introduction and availability.......

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