E PM 1 video formats and my struggle - I'm a novice

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E PM 1 video formats and my struggle - I'm a novice

I'm new to mac computer and I'm new as well to Olympus E PM1 camera. I think I made a good decision to get both of these products. Today I struggled little bit with imovie and the video coming out of the Olympus.After a while a discovered the AVi format is recognized by imovie. But then I discovered the version of imovie on my imac doesn't do HD. What do you suggest is the best solution. Should I buy imovie HD or perhaps another video software for my mac would be a good option as well?I still have some MOV video files that the imovie doesn't read.So should I buy a video convertor and then still HD version of imovie or should I just dump the imovie idea and start fresh with completely new program? Thanks for your ideas.
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I saw your previous post and wished to help but I do not know the answer. I am sure if someone on here knew they would help but their might not be anyone who knows.

You are welcome to post here too but my advice is to ask again on the Micro Four Thirds Forum -


Good Luck


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Re: Hello

thanks, I'm trying
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Re: E PM 1 video formats and my struggle - I'm a novice

There isn't an iMovie HD, but did you go into iMovie> Preferences> Video> Import full size? I had an EP-M1 and never had any problems importing HD video. I gave the camera to my daughter-in-law so don't have it around any longer, but I did try some video with it and didn't have a problem with iMovie.

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