M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

Started May 6, 2012 | Discussions
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ashwinrao1 Senior Member • Posts: 2,720
M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

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jorge rubia Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

Love the second image, great depth and bokeh. I am interested to know if you still have the Nocti 0.95 ( if I'm not mistaken you did have a copy of it?) and if you could do a portrait comparison, Ashwin. I have the Nocti and was thinking perhaps I should look at "swopping" for this and another lens (a 24mm Emarit) with a friend who has one on order at the moment? My interest is portraiture hence the question/request.

Thanking You

l_objectif Forum Pro • Posts: 20,428
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

Ahhhh; bokehs and bokehs!.... If only I could have those bokehs with my DL5, it would be a perfect camera for me!

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boarderphreak Senior Member • Posts: 1,862
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

Sweet, Ashwin! Definitely an interesting lens.

We just started posting samples from this lens as well:
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bpalme Senior Member • Posts: 1,063
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

How much does it weigh?
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ashwinrao1 OP Senior Member • Posts: 2,720
Quite a bit...937 g, I believe...it's a big bugger...but worth the effor
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snake_b Veteran Member • Posts: 4,680
Re: Quite a bit...937 g, I believe...it's a big bugger...but worth the effor

Too much bokeh.

Just way too much.

Irakly Shanidze
Irakly Shanidze Veteran Member • Posts: 5,233
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

on the last shot fringing seems to be quite pronounced. how does it look when magnified? could you try to fix it in LR?
Irakly Shanidze

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MilSooper Senior Member • Posts: 1,869
Re: M9 & Hyperprime do some nature...

Nice shots.
How is the balance on the camera?

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