Would you buy the D800 Again?

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mbecke Regular Member • Posts: 381
Would you buy the D800 Again?

For those of you that own and have used the D800, would you buy this camera again given the choice (based on price/performance)? Thank you.

Nikon D800
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D800 Regular Member • Posts: 199
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

mbecke wrote:

For those of you that own and have used the D800, would you buy this camera again given the choice (based on price/performance)? Thank you.

Not until Nikon fixes the left AF issue.

user_name Veteran Member • Posts: 3,134
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

I have very little experience with it since I literally got hours ago, but for my needs I think it is God's gift to photographers.

I guess that equates to a YES for your question.

My needs are something that will yield the performance of the D700 (or better) and be able to print A2 or perhaps larger. The D800 meets or exceeds those requirements for me.

Your needs may differ.

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mgblack74 Senior Member • Posts: 1,678
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

Yes. Its worth the hype. I was one of those who thought more pixels kills high ISO, but this camera has smashed a few preconceptions. It's making me a more disciplined shooter too.
"You're guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

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nikoj Contributing Member • Posts: 789
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

yes I would, but the E version for round 2, but hopefully with well calibrated af sensor

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Oscarroos Senior Member • Posts: 2,914
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

Yes I would. I've not used it much other than doing some testing and casual photos but camera is really very good. Yes in a heart beat.

Reality is those waiting have a long wait with the worldwide demand because it is a very good camera especially for the price.




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NRG Regular Member • Posts: 305
In a heart beat!

Have played with the D800 for about a week now, I can honestly say that this thing is an animal-and-a-half! The resolution is stunning, and it handles noise amazingly well!

Hell, I'm considering getting a D800E as a main and or backup camera. Nikon seriously knocked the ball out of the park with this one!

f/8 and be there!

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inasir1971 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,586
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

Yes. Absolutely, best camera - and easiest to use that I have ever owned.

It might be true that a camera can't make you a better photographer, but it can certainly make your pictures look a lot better!

It has exceeded my expectations by a wide margin in every aspect except supply and availability of accessories.

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marike6 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,088
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

I've been using the D800 for 2 days, about 300 images, with various lenses, and I can say without a doubt, YES! I have zero AF issues, as someone mentioned about, no quirks, it's seems lighter than my 5D Mk II was, and IQ absolutely destroys the 5D Mk II. You can shoot comfortably at super high ISO, with little penalty, and images at low ISO as incredibly detailed, with beautiful colors.

This camera is an absolute home run. It is everything they say it is and more.

I just got done uploaded a few night time, test run images I made with my new D800 to my DPR gallery. It's wonderful working with them in LR as D800 files are super malleable.

Cheers, Markus Arike

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Event_shooter Senior Member • Posts: 1,083
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

NO, but I would buy the 800E every day and twice on Sunday

gonzalu Forum Pro • Posts: 10,389
I'd pay $4000 for it!
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ocean7 Regular Member • Posts: 201
I did.

I did buy it again, but the 2nd copy had the same left AF issue, so I had to return that one as well.

William Faulkner Senior Member • Posts: 1,650
Is this a trick question? Heck Yeah!

mbecke wrote:

For those of you that own and have used the D800, would you buy this camera again given the choice (based on price/performance)? Thank you.

The D800 IMHO is a camera ahead of it's time. Rather, it's a camera that some of the world needs to catch up to.

I have clients who are amazed by the file size and are thankful for the freedom it gives them to crop and compose.

Going to be another month or so before I see anything in print but my guess is that the images are going to look outstanding in ink.

Bill F

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Michael Harvey Contributing Member • Posts: 565
Without hesitation!

I thought I could never love a camera as much as my D700...boy was I wrong!
I've owned just about every Nikon SLR going back to the original 'F".
This is the best!

Yes, I would have made a few changes in menu design and function buttons but, as far as actual imaging...there's nothing else like it.

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Mike Harvey

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Jeff Morris
Jeff Morris Veteran Member • Posts: 3,296
Unfortunatly Yes,

I am in Phoenix on a two week vacation visiting family. Went to Sedona Arizona and other spots in the area, just beautiful.

I no longer enjoy schlepping my gear around. brought:

70-300 vr
300 f4
50 f1.8g
85 f1.8g

Wife brought her V1 with lens kit.

I hate hauling gear, brought a lot so I had whatever I needed.

Well the D800 is spectacular, period. The files are to die for. With good hand held techniques you can get great results!

I found my 14-24 does not focus well in low light. (Typical for UWA's) Also found the left focus points do not work on the 24-70 and 14-24. I will address this with my dealer when I get home.

That said, for important photos, I have no choice but to shoot with my D800. It is a must for landscape, I am blown away. So, I will just learn to use the kit as is. When I want to travel lite, I will strip off the grip and carry the 50/85 and get the 28 f1.8g when available.

I was always a little uncomfortable with 10 and 12 MP with landscape shots, but for the first time I am not concerned. This is as close to shooting with my old TLR's and Mamiya RB-67 as possible. (Without using big digital backs I can not afford.)

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Dominique Dierick Veteran Member • Posts: 4,494
Right away

Best DSLR camera I have ever used (and I have had a few the passed 10 years).


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My equipment: Nikon D3s, D800, EOS 450D IR modded, EOS 60Da on order (if ever Canon wants to deliver)
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ukat123 Contributing Member • Posts: 761
Re: Right away

Great camera. great AF accuracy, but I think I would buy the E version instead to get the ultimate detail, which was the reason why I bought the D800 in the first place.

Alxy Regular Member • Posts: 302
Re: Would you buy the D800 Again?

No, I didn't get any improvement over Canon.

marike6 wrote:

and IQ absolutely destroys the 5D Mk II
Cheers, Markus Arike

could you tell for which situations and with which lenses (which are comparable)?

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Tom FX Regular Member • Posts: 122
You bet ya!


holgerlinke Regular Member • Posts: 224
Definite Yes

Actually I think that Nikon shot themselves into the foot with the D800... it's very likely more of a camera than I'll ever need. Unless my skills improve considerably or I lose the camera, this was the last DSLR I've purchased in this life.

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