Best Time To Buy a Lens?

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Best Time To Buy a Lens?

Hello all,

I was doing some price comparisons on the web earlier today and stumbled upon a few price history charts for some different lenses. I noticed that certain lenses were up for sale somewhere for ~$1500 in October/November and slowly climbed until March/April when they shot up to ~$2400. Do the prices of lenses fluctuate this much? If so, when is the best time to buy a lens?

(Note: I've had my eye particularly on the Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II USM but I saw this trend with other lenses as well.)

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Not now it isn't

At least for the lenses I want, now is a really bad time to buy a lens. Not only can I not justify the prices, I don't want to suffer a significant loss in value that will happen when people get tired of the price premiums. I'm looking at one that now costs more than twice what I had budgeted for it. Canon's prices have gone into crazy mode!

Chez Wimpy
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about 6 years ago

Living in Japan, four years ago I was able to reverse import a 24L and 35L from the US for about 2/3 the cost they were running here (200,000yen total, compared to the 300,000 it cost in Japan). Strong yen to the rescue. When the yen was weak, I got the 85L here for 130,000yen new (fall 2006, just before the mk2 was announced) which was $1000 equivalent at the time.

Now, well, I think the "good old days" are long gone, and things will only get worse from here on in.

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Re: Best Time To Buy a Lens?

from what i have experienced, the best time is to buy it sometime
during december through january where they have a rebate going on.
this year, the rebate continued on to march from what i know but the
rebate amount dropped by $100 us dollars each month. i see that the
price for the 70-200 2.8is ii is 2500 on i got this lens
for 1929 during the december rebate period.

good luck.

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When you need it!

The price fluctuation you identified has more to do with strength of currencies and manufacturing cost. If anyone here could predict the “best time” to take advantage of these variances they probably not be focused on photography.

Like another already indicated there are rebates usually offered before the end of the year. There are also some rebates frequently offered in the spring, but don’t count on either of these saving you huge amounts. The prices frequently climb before, and definitely after, these rebates are offered.

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Re: Best Time To Buy a Lens?

For me it is when I have enough in my 'camera' fund to pay for it. Photography is a hobby for me so I stash birthday/Christmas money and my collected loose change till I have enough to buy what I want at the moment.

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Re: Best Time To Buy a Lens?

I bought 3 lenses back in Nov/Dec, 16-35 @ $1299, 17 TSE @2049 and a 24 TSE @1799. Looking at today it would cost me $1250 more.

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