5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

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e sweed New Member • Posts: 18
5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

Any experience with full frame and 28 1.8 prime as the only lens to take on a three week trip? I am 75 and will be doing lots of walking overseas. Even adding the 24-105 to the bag results in too much weight for those expected extended walks. I've used the 28 set up locally a few times so I have a bit of a feel for it. I like the perspective (it helps tell a story), and its speed for those indoor shots. What I want to learn is experiences of others who travelled with this restricted set up.

Canon EOS 5D
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canuck dave
canuck dave Senior Member • Posts: 2,938
Re: 5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

While I haven't traveled with that specific combo (FF and 28mm) I applaud your considering this.
I just read another post you made re this:

'Since I always shoot raw, I always post process, and it is the final product, not the raw image that I judge. Post processing brings out lots of detail, contrast, color, etc.
Quick, light, a joy to use.'..............

Far too many folks are persuaded to travel with tons of gear. It's a fact that the more you take, the less you will actually shoot.

The overall combo of the very fast lens, the beautiful 5D and your keen interest in processing all contribute to a great experience.

I eschew the use of a camera bag when traveling and much prefer a generic backpack and shoot with one lens, usually the 15-85mm for my (light!) T2i; the backpack just to throw the camera in when in restaurants, etc.
Again, light, a joy to use!

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Re: 5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

Personally, if I was traveling that far and only taking one lens it would be the 24-105. Take both and leave the zoom in the hotel the first day to see how you get on - then decide. The fast lens may be handy for interiors without flash or tripod (banned in some buildings), but otherwise the zoom will serve you well including for night shots on a tripod.

You may find you can shoot all with the prime but you are traveling a long way for perhaps, unrepeatable opportunities.

You have 10 years on me but I find a 17-35 + 28-300 on my FX is fine for when I want to stay mobile but not miss out on a shot.
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eurotramp Forum Member • Posts: 57
Re: 5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

I think constraining yourself with a prime is a good idea. Of course you will be unable to shoot everything you really get in the moment its hard to beat a prime (any focal length prime). Its hard to describe what i mean, its just something you have to experience for yourself...
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calson Veteran Member • Posts: 9,244
Re: 5D and 28 1.8 as only lens for Europe trip

If the 5D and a 24-105mm f4 IS is too heavy than I would recommend taking something like the Olympus E-PL2 which with its 28-84mm f5.6 lens and battery weighs 17 ounces.

In your place I would be lifting 2 lb. dumbbells and walking around the neighborhood to get in shape. Very different in Europe where it is common to see 75 year olds of both genders bicycling around town to do their shopping.

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