Nine Days In Istanbul

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Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Nine Days In Istanbul

I had a unforgettable trip to Istanbul last March .

What a beautiful and pintoresc city.

C&C are always welcome.


" width="1024" height="731" alt="Istanbul">

" width="960" height="768" alt="Istanbul_202">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_211">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_153">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_174">

" width="614" height="768" alt="Istanbul_134">

" width="1024" height="714"

" width="1023" height="677" alt="Istanbul_164">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_129">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_028">

" width="548" height="768" alt="Istanbul_010">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_025">

" width="1023" height="677" alt="Istanbul_049">


" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_213">

" width="1024" height="731" alt="Istanbul_209">

" width="1024" height="677" alt="DSC_5116">

" width="960" height="768" alt="Istanbul_079">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_133">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_214">

" width="1024" height="731" alt="Istanbul_155">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="DSC_5003">

" width="508" height="768" alt="Istanbul_112">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_110">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_115">

" width="1024" height="731" alt="Istanbul_078">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_163">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_068">

" width="1017" height="767" alt="Istanbul_074">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_127">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_138">

lnguyenh Contributing Member • Posts: 685
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

Nice pics. Nice colors.

Definitely a step up from the average tourist shots, with a real eye and artistic considerations.

dread_tai Regular Member • Posts: 363
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

wow! one of the best "destination" series i've seen here. great collection, great variety, great execution. thanks for sharing and making me feel like i was "there", and for inspiration on future holidays of my own.


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nfpotter Veteran Member • Posts: 4,080
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

VERY, VERY nice set! Good job!

The ONLY one I don't like is the one with all the OOF metal in the foreground - too much OOF for me, but other than that, SUPERB!

Tricia and Mike Kennedy Forum Member • Posts: 91
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

Simply wonderful! May I ask what camera/lens you used?


mothergoose Senior Member • Posts: 1,235
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

Really stunning images--top-notch photography. Which camera and lenses?

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Jos12 Regular Member • Posts: 230
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

What a beautiful set of photos! Very creative and giving the right feeling of the atmosphere of this beautiful city. I just love the picture of the three girls.

StrokerAce23 Regular Member • Posts: 379
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

Some of those are awesome and the rest get the job done of letting me see some of Istanbul.

I see what you were going for framing the one shot with the star in the fence OOF in the foreground, but it didn't work for me. I'd have rather just seen the shot since there's a lot of stuff there. Maybe it's the police eyeballing me that makes me extra uncomfortable.

I do like the forground dragon attacking the city from the sea.

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herbymel Veteran Member • Posts: 6,088
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

More great images to go along with your shots from Turkey...of course these show a little more color and excitement of a city, but both are great examples of the travels you took. So many stand out...but it's odd that I like the more simple ones...the woman walking down the alley/street with the fruit at the side, or the women talking on the ferry. The mosque at night is a great pic. Hope you'll have more to show.

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hatchback Forum Member • Posts: 55
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

I like this set very much. There are no similarities, I mean every image is different. Nice.

What kind of PP do you use?

OP Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Anwers And More Shots

First of all thank you for your kind words they really mean something for someone who enjoys travelling and recording memories
this way

Nfpotter, this was a tough shot. I have several versions of the same one and my intention was to make sure that the viewer knew that it was shot through an ancient fence.

Well, maybe it did not work as intended Maybe my D7000 does not suffer form back focusing issues :)))

Tricia, everything was shot with a D7000 and the Nikkor 16-85. Ohh, the only one that was shot with Nikkor 35mm was the lamps' shot.

StrokerAce23, You are right, I shoulded crop the cop out, Would that be agaist the

Mothergoose, again, everything but the lamps' shot (Nikkor 35mm) was taken with a D7000+ Nikkor 16-85. Again, your Zenfolio is so awesome that it hurts

Jos12 and Herbymel, yes, I love that one on the ferry. It is very hard to have them facing the camera. They are very shy and I am sure they developed a sixth sense to avoid them whic make these shots mor valuable

Hatchback, I shoot RAW + Capture NX2

Well, here are some more shots I hope you like them. I

I avoided the fence on the first shot


" width="1024" height="677" alt="Istanbul_154">

" width="1024" height="592" alt="Istanbul_072">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_207">

" width="1024" height="731" alt="Istanbul_169">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_108">

" width="508" height="768" alt="Istanbul_094">

" width="1024" height="677" alt="Istanbul_185">

" width="1024" height="702" alt="Istanbul_203">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="DSC_5315">

" width="1024" height="678" alt="Istanbul_071">

mosswings Veteran Member • Posts: 8,350
Re: Anwers And More Shots

Mario, I am very impressed. This is whetting my appetite for my visit there next fall.

With all the talk about this lens and that lens being absolutely necessary for the best quality images, you shots put the lie to that line of conversation. 16mm-85mm is justifiably called the perfect walkaround zoom range; this series demonstrates that. I'll be very interested to see what the new 16-85 f4 looks like.

Wonderful stories being told in the street candids. This gallery shows what today's general-purpose lenses and today's cameras can do in the hands of a photographer with an excellent eye and good skills.
Give us more!

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thejohnnerparty Contributing Member • Posts: 858
Re: Nine Days In Istanbul

Nice pics. Thanks.

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OP Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Re: Anwers And More Shots

Mosswings, thanks for the kind words

Yes, indeed, the 16-85 is my favorite lens. Well, I only have two lenses ( 35mm f1.8 is th other one). The focal lenght, sharpness and contrast are incredible and VRII is just spectacular. I have even managed to shoot sucessfully (static) at 1/4.
I know it is hard to believe but it is that good.

Here some more shots for you to take a look:


Van Griff Senior Member • Posts: 1,121


Magnificent images!!!

I love the colour and compositions that you have captured . . . very intimate . . . yet for the most part . . . very candid . . . and the D7K + 16 - 85 have performed flawlessly!!!

Very nicely done . . . and thanks for sharing!

Makes me want to go to Istanbul!


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herbymel Veteran Member • Posts: 6,088
Re: Fabulous!!!

Love the collection on your site, do you plan on printing any of these 021 would make a pretty cool print, although there are some others I'd consider too. You sure do seem to get around.

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OP Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Re: Fabulous!!!

VG, thank you!
Istanbul is just incredibly photogenic. You will love it for sure.

Herbymel, I have not ever printed , but I might start now. Is Kinkos good for that purpose?

Yes, I will consider that shot .That is the view when you exit the Grand Bazar

bnny89 Regular Member • Posts: 252
Re: Anwers And More Shots

Amazing shots! Photo nr 7 here, how is that taken? From Galata tower with an extreme zoom??

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OP Mario Mejia Contributing Member • Posts: 624
Re: Anwers And More Shots

Bnny89, Thanks .

No, it was taken from Konak Cafe, which it is very close to the Tower and they both share basically the same view.

Here is the view of the Galata Tower ( 52mm) from the same spot. You will be able to tell how close we were.

" width="1024" height="677" alt="Istanbul_184">

InTheMist Veteran Member • Posts: 3,078
Re: Anwers And More Shots

I finally got around to looking at these - Wow!

Not only do each of the photos have excellent stand-alone photographic worth, but the set made me feel like I was really there. Thats the mark of amazing travel photography!

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