Noise - Please Help

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Noise - Please Help

Hello good folk, I need a professional opinion. I have just taken some concert photos and need advice on how they can be improved. A sample RAW can be downloaded from the attatched link.

Thing is, i'm the Adobe RAW converter, the file looks noisy and rough but when I touch a slider to adjust something, the image then looks great (noise disappears but detail retained) until I release the slider (this is at fit to screen view). Also, when I click once with the magnifier to zoom in one level, again, the image looks much better noise wise, therefore I cant tell if the shot is terrible or OK!?

Can anyone explain what's happening here - is it my computer screen resolution or what?

I'm returning to the same venue in 12 hours to shoot the same gig under the same lighting (concert lighting; lots of blue, red, yellow lights with generally an unlit black curtain behind eugh - they are support for a bigger act).

I have an f/2.8 17-55 - if I open up from the 4.5 iso 1600 to 3.2 800, do I risk too little depth of focus/field to appear nicely sharp?

What can I do or is the shot as is acceptible? Help!

Download RAW here:

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Re: Noise - Please Help

the Link is not working. (The File is empty)...

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Re: Noise - Please Help

Have you tried topaz denoise. It's a plugin.

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