X100 image quality...

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gava Senior Member • Posts: 1,032
Re: X100 image quality...

Great shot Brian, I find my X100 prints incredibly sharp images up to A3+, and on canvas to pretty much any size.

As most of my stuff is printed 6x9 on A4 paper or in photo books, the lens and sensor are really really good.

I think this image of yours would make a fine print.

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andrzejmakal Senior Member • Posts: 1,812
Re: X100 image quality...

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

All what i only would say was: to much (Noise) for me in the Sky and the Signs.
Is this a ISO-Noise, a Sharpening-Noise or a stretched Histogram-Noise ?
I don't know but it is good visible for me...

Regards: Carsten

there is some slight texture, but...c'mon...
Show me any file out of cam or even PP with good details and totally flat sky
BTW on prints it'd be invisible.

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Keith in Texas New Member • Posts: 9
Re: X100 image quality... (Settings Question)

Excellent work Brian.

Question if you don't mind. Would you modify your suggested landscape settings for the X-100 if you shot only OOC JPEG instead of RAW?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Best regards,


OP Brian Mosley Forum Pro • Posts: 20,728
Re: X100 image quality... (Settings Question)

Keith in Texas wrote:

Excellent work Brian.

Thanks Keith.

Question if you don't mind. Would you modify your suggested landscape settings for the X-100 if you shot only OOC JPEG instead of RAW?

I would perhaps consider using AUTO DR, with AUTO ISO (up to ISO 3200)... given that the X100 does so well throughout the ISO range, the additional dynamic range could be very useful.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You're welcome!

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Northgrove Junior Member • Posts: 29
Re: X100 image quality...

Among the things I like most with this camera, is that when pixel peeping, even 100% crops often look perfectly sharp. I'm actually not very used to that even with my Nikon D90. I love when cameras actually make use of all their megapixels. You can blame Fujifilm for many things, but not that they're boosting resolution just to look good on paper.

John Pennington Senior Member • Posts: 1,017
Re: ISO200, DR100% shooting RAW.

Brian Mosley wrote:

As you assumed correctly John.

I can't believe anyone would be troubled by the texture of the sky in that shot... it seems entirely accurate to me.



Yeah, I've had a Nikon D300 and a Canon 7D, so I know all about noise in blue skies!

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