SU800 vrs SB900

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SU800 vrs SB900

Is the any advantage of using the SU800 to trigger remote flash as opposed to just using an SB900 as the trigger?

I normally run with pocket wizards but they are not working with the D4 very well and until they are updates was just thinking of the best work around. I already have several SB900 but would need to buy a SU800 - but if it is a lot better it may be worth it.

Also when using the SB900 as a controller the flash still fires - does anyone know if the is a way of turning this off? I'm presuming no!

Nikon D4
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garyb1985 Forum Member • Posts: 67
Re: SU800 vrs SB900

The flash has to fire to set of the IR pulse to trigger other flashes.

Therefore the downside is if you have a 'blinker' for a subject you run the risk of many shots with closed eyes :/

Upside is you can use the on board 900 for a bit of fill-in if you so wish

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Chas P Contributing Member • Posts: 814
Re: SU800 vrs SB900

Turn the onboard flash to "--" in the commander menu to remove it's contribution (except at very close range or High ISO where it's noticeable) or use FP Sync and shutter speeds over 1/320th if you need to eliminate it altogether.

Firing flashes in manual mode or using fv/lock will reduce the possibility of getting the aforementioned blinkers. TTL seems to be the worst culprit there.
I never tried an SU800 so can't comment.

Oh - you may find that using a piece of exposed film to gel the onboard will reduce it's contribution and still allow IR communication.. It's something I've read about but not tried myself.

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directo Forum Member • Posts: 98
Re: SU800 vrs SB900

It's lighter - and well, cheaper than another "real' flash unit.

When I want to use all my other flashes off camera, I use the SU. When I don't need all the other ones, it's handy to use an SB to trigger.

OP Jord Regular Member • Posts: 241
Re: SU800 vrs SB900

So by the sound of it the is no increase in effective range by using the SU800.

I'll just save the money and use a SB900 until pocket wizard sorts the firmware.

Thank you everyone.

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