Canon refurbished lenses

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dimitrir Contributing Member • Posts: 564
Canon refurbished lenses

Any experiences with buying Canon refurbished lenses ? Currently I'm looking at 50L -1,295.20 and 24L II - 1,399.20. I assume these are customer returns, so should I expect misaligned optics, focusing problems etc with these ?

cononfodder Regular Member • Posts: 105
Re: Canon refurbished lenses

Refurbished means that these problems have been corrected and the lenses have been rechecked. I have purchased many pieces of professional electronic gear refurbished and have never been disappionted. The savings can be tremendous depending on the type of product.

Olgierd Regular Member • Posts: 397
Re: Canon refurbished lenses

Got 24-70L f2.8 for over a year. No problem at all. Only difference is lack of the original Canon box (it came in the white box with Canon logo and sticker "refurbished"). Buy it from decent dealer (I got mine from Adorama or B&H) and you'll still have decent warranty.

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Dan_168 Veteran Member • Posts: 7,225
Re: Canon refurbished lenses

I have a few friends bought refurbished Canon lenses and they all seemed to work just fine, including 85L II, 24L and 24-70L and 24-105L, in fact the 24-70L my friend got was better than my first copy 24-70L, mine was even sent in to Canon for calibration but came back about the same, so its sold now.

Me and my friend bought refurbished 5D2 via the Canon Loyalty program, we turned in old/ broken Canon cameras and get new one at discount price, I was debating about buy refurbished too as I have never done that before, but the price was so attractive and knowing it will not be my main camera and I will only keep it for very short period of time so I went ahead and bought it, seems to work fine other than some times the low ISO banding, but I don't think it has anything to do with the refurbished, I saw the same on my friends' brand new models as well, so we save quite a bit, my friend just sold his few months ago at the price of $50 lower than our purchase price, that's after two years. One thing to be aware of, refurbished lens/body comes with a "white box" not in regular box you would see on the product you purchase as brand new products.

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Re: Canon refurbished lenses

I just bought a 70-200 f4 refurbished from Canon and it's been great so far. Can't tell it from new.

Loren Charif Veteran Member • Posts: 3,712
Re: Canon refurbished lenses

To add to the previous comments, don't assume they're customer returns. They may be salesmens' samples/demo units, or display units.

In any case, generally, they've proven to be pretty good deals.


filmluvr Veteran Member • Posts: 3,196
Refurbished? But is it really?

Loren Charif wrote:

To add to the previous comments, don't assume they're customer returns. They may be salesmens' samples/demo units, or display units.

That's how Cameta Camera described their "refurbished" Nikon bodies when I bought one a few years ago. However, the one they sent had so much haze in the VF, it couldn't possibly have been refubished, either by them or at the factory. It was really awful compared to my (identical) primary body, so much so that I suspect it had been in a housefire. No one could have looked through that VF and not known there was something seriously wrong. I returned it immediately had have never bought anything else from Cameta.

In all fairness to Canon, that wasn't the only time I had a problem with Nikon or Nikon dealer quality control. Canon may have a totally different means for controlling refurbished product. My point is just that "refurbished" might not mean what you think it does, and it's worth checking into with the dealer before you buy. I wouldn't go anywhere except the top national dealers for something like this; BH, Adorama, KEH, and maybe a couple others.

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