Redheads seem to converge

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Irakly Shanidze
Irakly Shanidze Veteran Member • Posts: 5,392
Redheads seem to converge

Convergence of redheads is a phenomenon that I had noticed for the first time about four years ago. Still cannot explain this mystery...

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JTori Contributing Member • Posts: 999
Re: Redheads seem to converge

A disturbing phenomenon (not really). I like it.


Artichoke Forum Pro • Posts: 12,401
lovely convergence

witty & exquisitely composed

I may have cropped a bit off the R to make this fit a classic photograph proportion, but I suspect I would regret losing any of that model's hand
lovely colors

I particularly admire the strand of hair from the foreground model leading to the canthus of the background model's eye
a compelling element & perhaps even the focus point of your superb dual portrait
sweet waking up to these beauties
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jeff hladun
jeff hladun Veteran Member • Posts: 3,006
Re: Redheads seem to converge

You're quite right! A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to shoot street with a redhead, and subconsciously, so many of the shots that I liked best afterward were of strawberry-blondes!


Leo33 Senior Member • Posts: 2,858
Re: Redheads seem to converge

Nicely done . . . one of your best!


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venice Senior Member • Posts: 1,973
Re: Redheads seem to converge


The hair leading to the eye is intriguing.


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