NEC with SpectraView or ColorMunki?

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NEC with SpectraView or ColorMunki?

I am considering purchasing a NEC, like i.e. this one:

but there is a nice package that caught my eye here:

The package has ColorMunki with the X-Color Passport that I want, and ColorMunki does Monitor, Printer and Photo calibration, while SpectraView only does Monitor calibration, although reportedly it works natively with NEC and does something better than any other 3rd party colorimeter/spectrophotometer.

Hence, my question -- do I purchase NEC + SpectraView and enjoy nicely natively calibrated monitor but without camera and printer calibration


do I purchase NEC (w/o SpectraView) + ColorMunki and enjoy reasonable Monitor calibration + camera + printer calibration?

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Re: NEC with SpectraView or ColorMunki?

If you are buying an NEC that can be calibrated with Spectraview II, then I would do the following in your case:

1) Buy the NEC Spectraview II software without a sensor.

2) Buy the X-Rite Colormunki Photo which the Spectraview II software accepts as a sensor.

This would give you the ability to calibrate your NEC monitor AND make printer profiles.

(I don't use my CM Photo for monitor calibration, since I already own an i1 Display Pro for that. I did just try the CM Photo with my Spectraview II software and after temporarily disabling the X-Rite Colormunki service [easily done via Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services] Spectraview II happily recognized the CM Photo.)

A further thought: my Colormunki Photo ordered from Amazon came with a mini ColorChecker card which can be used instead of the $100 big brother to make camera DNG profiles. The software to create them can be downloaded free from X-Rite, or (the program I prefer) the DNG Profile Creator from Adobe Labs. It is free also.


OP Dennis2 Regular Member • Posts: 202
Re: NEC with SpectraView or ColorMunki?

hey thanks for checking it out for me

I didn't know about the mini ColorChecker -- thanks!

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