365+1 Days of NEX-7

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salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
365+1 Days of NEX-7

One month ago I've got 33 years old and I gave me as a present the new NEX-7, body only, with the intention of using it as an high quality walk around camera.

Till I get 34 I want to take at least one picture per day, so I started a 365 project. Each and every day I am shooting and publishing one photography taken with the NEX-7 and one my lenses.

I started a blog dedicated to the project at 366nex.blogspot.com

I hope you'll enjoy the shot, feel free to comment here, on the blog, or on the flickr pages as you wish.

some of the shots that I published so far...

Sony Alpha NEX-7
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eths Contributing Member • Posts: 775
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Very nice, very nice indeed.

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kvo Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7


I want to do something like this too. I'm still on the waiting list for the nex7

OP salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Thanks a lot!

I was lucky to get a NEX-7 from the four Amazon.de had available just the week before my birthday. They got sold in less than 20 minutes. Amazon is very fast with shipment, even among European countries, so I've ot mine in four days after the order...
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Bruce Itschner Forum Member • Posts: 81
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

I have seen your photos on Flicker, they are beautiful. Please post the photo of your wife and daughter in the frosted window, it is unbeleivablely beautiful.
Bruce Itschner

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OP salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Tank so much, you are very kind. Here it is the shot you were referring to, that day we got stuck at home due to a sudden snow storm...

George Kontos
George Kontos Contributing Member • Posts: 845
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Beautiful and creative photography. Your work is an inspiration to me.


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Lillefot Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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OP salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7
ollie_b Regular Member • Posts: 164
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Really nice boy.
I add you, in my conctat in flickr and I will follow your stream.

SDF Senior Member • Posts: 2,131
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more soon.

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Steve Hoskin Regular Member • Posts: 126
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Really great work Luca! This are one of the best series I have seen with this camera. I am looking forward to watching the rest of your year.

my photos:

Lisa O
Lisa O Senior Member • Posts: 2,561
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Interesting work! Good luck with your 365+1 project! I've added you on flickr too.
see my profile/plan for more info

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pyloricantrum Regular Member • Posts: 274
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Your work shows great taste and personality. Each photo pulls me into the moment. Fantastic. I'm amazed you can get a great shot EVERY DAY without fail!! Thanks for posting.

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OP salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Thanks for the kind comments guys and girls, it's really important for me to go on.
Taking a nice shot everyday requires time and energy!

Here's the one of today. If you are interested in knowing the story behind it you can read it here: http://366nex.blogspot.it/2012/03/383651.html

Ryan_Valiente Regular Member • Posts: 141
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Fantastic work.

Keep it up!

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OP salchi58 Contributing Member • Posts: 851
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

I bumped into the metal figurines I used to play with when I was a teenager, dreaming about epic battles such this one.

You can read the full story at: http://366nex.blogspot.it/2012/03/393651.html

Erkman Regular Member • Posts: 144
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

Love your images, very inspirational, also has me very interested in that Color Skopar!

Jinxt Regular Member • Posts: 270
Re: 365+1 Days of NEX-7

I commend you! I've made a challenge just for 31 days of March instead of 365... I'm finding it hard myself as I live a dreadfully routine day by day (due to work) which makes it hard to get out on my own to generate creative/original photos. My creativity is starting to run dry.

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