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K o1
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Re: K o1

So what, the camera locked up, it's firmware 1.0. Has happened to me with several cameras of various brands.

I never pegged Steve Huff for a cynic, but his relentless negativity throughout the video brought me down. He came across as a jerk and he really sucks as a video reviewer, with all his "Umm" and "Uhh". For me, another camera news site de-bookmarked.

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AF in video

With noisy lenses, as shown in that preview, the AF isn't going to work in video. Tha would be a problem with the old screw-driven mount.

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Re: K o1

well I'm willing to forgive the K-01 an early firmware bug; maybe he didn't turn it off when he took the lens off and the camera got confused or the contacts shorted or something.

These "online photo experts" are pretty much Canikon boys as that's where their bread is buttered.

Although he gushed all over the Sony NEX-7 and I hated that camera...

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