Best of Oly Colours

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Best of Oly Colours

Am I right to think that the 5 MP C5060 has one of Oly's best colours?

Here a some samples.

Kim Teo

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Re: Best of Oly Colours

I don't know...many Olympus cameras produce great colorful pictures. I'm particularly fond of my Olympus E-500 with the Kodak sensor for brilliant colors.

JeanPierre Thibaudeau
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Re: Best of Oly Colours

Yes, I agree with you. I used to have the C-8080WZ and I always liked the colors it produces, like your shots, there's a touch of realism in the rendering of colors that is hard to equal, let alone surpass them.

I don't find this anymore with the newer cameras like the E-5 E-P3, E-PM1 which I bought and returned. Too much reddish hue nowadays in Oly colors.

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Re: Best of Oly Colours

Yes, the 5060 is an excellent camera. I still have its predecessor, 5050.

The colours are great in your samples, but I remember that both cams needed to be lowered in their contrast setting.

Today I like the colours of my XZ-1 also a lot.


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Re: Best of Oly Colours

I have the C5060, 7070, and 8080. The 5050 was my first camera, but do not own it now. I feel, without firm proof, that the 5060 has the best colours of the bunch, hence my question.

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Re: Best of Oly Colours

Am I right to think that the 5 MP C5060 has one of Oly's best colours?

A subjective topic, but your pix are good evidence for your point of view. Your examples in different colors and situations show the versatility of the camera. It's so comfortable to shoot with a camera that can be relied upon to deliver.

The only Oly comparison I can make is between my C-8080 and E-420, which the older camera wins hands down.

Having said that, I've been impressed and pleased with the quality and consistency of non-PPed color output of the many Canon P&S models I've used.

I like your lone apple shot; I'll borrow the idea to use on my Jonagolds next fall.

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that is why i like to shoot olympus, great jpeg colours
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Berghof G.C.

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Olympus E-500

Here's one picture taken with the 8mp Olympus E-500 this autumn. Even though there's many technological advancements since this camera was made about six years ago, the JPEG colors are great even in cloudy weather. It's hard to not use it (as long as there's enough light) even though my new Canon DSLR has more than twice the number of megapixels.

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Re: Olympus E-500

Very nice. Saturated, yet not unatural, that's what we get.

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Re: Olympus E-500

I think most would agree most Oly cameras have great colour range. My old Uzi and the SP570UZ have a great colour dynamic range.


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Re: Best of Oly Colours

Yes, wonderful colors...

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