SEL18200 Cleaning

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SEL18200 Cleaning

So I'm trying to clean my sel18-200 because I have an accumulation of dust inside the front element due to frequent zooming (intake of air). There's a noticeable build up near the center of the element.

I've been trying to remove the front element to no avail. I even went about ordering a special rubber tool :

Unfortunately, attempting to unscrew the front retainer ring has been quite the issue. It won't seem to budge. I was curious if anyone else here has had any experience cleaning their 18200

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Re: SEL18200 Cleaning

I have a thread that I started about just this issue:

it's not over yet.

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Re: SEL18200 Cleaning

Well, enough force seemed to do it.

I found out the front isn't a real retainer ring. That little plastic piece with the lens markings is just "double sided adhesive" stuck on. So here's for future reference to anyone who's looking at cleaning their 18-200.

The 18-55 Does screw out normally

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Re: SEL18200 Cleaning

Cleaning is a success. However, I would not recommend this for everyone. Caution at every turn. I'll see about uploading a few pics when I get the chance.

Remove front ring using tool above and just forcing clockwise/counterclockwise to free from adhesive. Or find another rubber tool that can fit between lens and ring and pry free with gentle force.

Underneath, you'll find 6 screws. 3 for the front element, 3 for the hood/filter attachment.

Remove the 3 screws for the hood attachment (recommend using a magnet to pull up screws once free).

Slowly remove the 3 screws from the lens element. There are tiny metal spacers between the housing and the front element. On mine, it was 3 per screw and each varried in length. keep these marked for the screw you removed them from!

You can now remove the front element and blow out the dust from inside and clean the element using normal cleaning procedures. Reassemble with the proper spacers for the appropriate screw.

I used two tiny drops of superglue to reaffix the front bezel

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Awesome, I'm surprised...

I was thinking for sure that it would all be epoxied together and entirely unserviceable unless you pulled the whole lens apart.

Any ways, a word of caution for superglue, it will emit a vapor as it dries which can make any residue left over from fingerprints, etc, stand out. I learned this the hard way once.

I'd suggest a very thin layer of clear silicon around the inside of the trim ring. This will work and is easy to pull off later on as well as clean up.

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