G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

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Re: Why did you open the thread?

Sorry djon1, I didn't address you (as you can see in the thread tree).

English is not my native language. In my language you "start" a new thread and "open" an exixting one. This might have caused some confusion. Thank you for having "started" this thread.

What I don't understand is when people jump into a thread or discussion just to tell everyone that he/she does'nt like that it has been started.


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Re: Why did you open the thread?

No problem!

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Thank you.

I don't think some people appreciated my likening such reviews to digital vomit. Maybe I should have gone with a spin on my mother's favorite "diarrhea of the mouth" and said digital diarrhea???

In the electronic age we're in it is very cheap and very easy for everyone to have an opinion, and if that's put on web page and labeled "review" that seems to be good enough for many people.

People do the same thing with email. It's so easy to type up an email people send every thought they have, or thoughts others have in the form of forwards, to everyone they know. Maybe Facebook has reduced this a little bit, but then Facebook just become MentalVomitBook.com....or DiarrheaoftheBrainBook.com. I think everyone knows this is true on some level since websites refuse to put a "dislike" button anywhere.....or a question "Was this helpful?". I appreciate the few who do, like Amazon. I'd be glad to have voting buttons in these forums even if it meant I got more dislikes than likes or more no's than yes's.

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Not Sick of "reviews" - More is good.

I have learned something from each and every review that I have read on the G1X, whether they had some negative things to say or positive. You read between the lines and pick up on the reviewers personality and what they like and dislike, but you still learn a lot. You have to read with a discerning eye and take some opinions with a grain of salt, but there are still usually some gold nuggets in the review and you learn what you want to learn. The more reviews the better. I'm convinced the G1X will be a wonderful camera with operational speed and controls similar to my G12, but with better IQ and low light capability. It will be a very popular camera I think. I will get one.

djon1 wrote:

That's harsh. All the review sites I've visited carry advertising, even the sainted dpReview. I haven't had a sense of bias in their reviews. An important new product like the G1 X is bound to excite widespread interest; and until dpReview manages to post its own comprehensive review, most of the other reviews out there are going to be studied carefully. I certainly haven't detected any vomiting!

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kind regards

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Can you suggest an alternative

djon1 wrote:

...advantages of this larger sensor are immediately clear to overall image quality, with the G1 X offering class-leading performance in this respect. However, in other areas the G1 X lets itself down somewhat with sluggish operation and niggly performance issues. Image quality purists may well be willing to forgive these flaws, however anyone in the market for a snappy advanced compact with quickfire operation may well be slightly disappointed.

Can you suggest an alternative


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Re: Sick of "reviews"

I here you Howard.

We just need to see these posts as weeds, “hard to ignore, and just when you thought you seen the last one, another one pops up. (-:


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Re: Can you suggest an alternative

That was a quote from the TR review - not my own opinion. I'm sure the G1 X will win lots of friends and lots of orders and many people will be pleased with it. Others may wait until Canon develops it further, improving speed of use (and speed of lens maybe). I don't know of any recent cameras made by Canon that were less than beautifully built. As someone else said on this forum, you'll never please all of the people all of the time. But it's great to see Canon adding to choice in the market place and sparking fresh enthusiasm in the photography sector.

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Re: Not Sick of "reviews" - More is good.

I understand the point you're trying to make, but taken literally your statement "the more the better" is based on a false premise. Saying that each review potentially offers some new piece of information might be correct, but getting a new piece of information while also being presented with incomplete or incorrect information will send novices into a tailspin of confusion. I understand that people posting around here may be novices and that's why I made my statement in the first place. It's like a kid found something that might be pertinent to a discussion and throws it in the ring for discussion, proud that they found something new. Unfortunately that clutters things up and if someone doesn't make some meaning out of whatever review is posted then new people will end up reading it and thinking it is more important than it really is.

It just gets old after a while, that's all. It reminds me of talking to my dad when he was looking for a camera. "I read somewhere that this camera is better than that camera and this limitation is a big problem but some other camera doesn't have that limitation" and I had to correct the damage a bunch of ignorant reviewers had done. Way too much editorializing in today's "news" or, in this case "reviews".

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Re: G1X doubts at Trusted Reviews

ispress wrote:

I'm not disagreeing that many (maybe even most) reviews are rubbish, but you still haven't answered my question about which sites you would consider trustworthy. For instance, Popular Photography just released an extensive review of the G1X and they really liked it. Are they definitive?

I think my point was that I don't find any review, taken by itself, definitive. Part of my job involves movie reviewing. I do three movie reviews for broadcast a week. I try to assess films as honestly as I can, and with the benefit of my knowledge of cinema, but I know I want some things from a movie (as maybe from a camera) that other people don't. People who listen to my reviews should try to work out where my general outlook agrees with theirs and where it doesn't.

I am HIGHLY focused on IQ for instance, so if many of these reviews say it has great IQ but some usability issues, I will almost invariably give the usability issues a downgrade and the IQ an upgrade. So I think critics, of any kind, have to be viewed with my own critical faculties.

For me the problem comes when reviews are posted in these forums as "argumentum ad verecundiam" or argument from authority.

This can be done either by fans or by people who urgently hunt down a bad review to bad mouth a model they already took a position against before a single reviewer had hands on it.

There is NO review site that, as a single source, I would trust so much I would suspend my own judgement. And my example of the X10, regarding which only a handful of review sites have highlighted a MAJOR flaw, was meant to show why.

"Chasseur des images" (if I spelled it right) is not bad though.

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first thing, avoid companies...

First thing is to avoid companies, or websites, which "trusted" or "quality", or "premium" in the title because they are trying to convince you they are better than they really are. Do that and you should have never visited that website to begin with.

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