Nikon repair service.

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Nikon repair service.
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Re: Nikon repair service.
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Re: Nikon repair service.

If you feel Nikon's decision to stop selling parts to independent service centers is a big mistake, here is a link to a petition to let them know it.

My personal opinion is that all camera enthusiasts (not just Nikon owners) should review. If Nikon is moving in this direction, Canon, et al will be wondering if it is a good idea.

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Re: Nikon repair service.

This is really an insane move by the head guru in New York.

Not being able to call them to order a bit of loose rubber that fell of a lens, have them send it to me for maybe $15 verses having to send the lens off to them for 3 weeks, paying $50 in postage, insurance, and maybe another $30 for a tech and the $10 rubber is absurd for any supposedly "pro quality" camera. Sticking on some rubber grip isn't that complex nor should it cost $100 either or a month "out-of-service" time.

I guess I should have another $10,000 lens as a backup so they can have the other for 3-4 weeks while they twaddle.

Stoopid. I would hope Canon, et. al., are smarter than the Melville bozo who came up with this idea. Heck, I walked into our local appliance parts place, bought a $25 bit to fix the washing machine. Nikon would think sending the washer in would be better as they are more professional as the washer is too complex for just anyone to work on. Sheesh!


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Re: Nikon repair service.

Glad I retired when I did (6 years ago after 30 + years as a small shop repairman)
So I was into the digital era from the D1 to the D200, D70, D100 etc.

Nikon is right in one respect, there are some repairs that the small shop or home tinkers can't do. Its not that we aren't smart enough, its because the necessary adjustment software and service info is not available except to the favored "Authorized" shops.
Or if it is available, it is so over priced it might as well not be for sale.

To become an "Authorized" shop is VERY expensive in terms of the mandatory training and equipment you have to buy. Much of which is never used by the shop.

Many years ago, when Mamiya was distributed by B&H, they tried the same thing. It didn't go well for them and after a year of so started to sell parts again.

While, I couldn't do a complete recalibration of an autofocus system for example, there were many repairs to digital cameras and lenses the I could do as well as the big boys and had many pro customers that could get their stuff in a day or two, instead of weeks.

When flash feet were plastic, the local newspaper fellows would get them while they waited.

Unlike the auto repair people, the trade groups representing repairmen are very small and with very shallow pockets in what is clearly a restraint of trade issue.

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