Have Nikon stolen Oly's limelight?

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Re: Have Nikon stolen Oly's limelight?

xtforest wrote:

This IS interesting....

Limelight? You mean they have the OM-D but keep it a secret until tomorrow... I can't wait. Maybe that is more exciting than the D800.

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Re: You use an entry level imac?

Well if it's a dual core 64bit processor(w/64bit win7/vista) just having a good amount of ram may be all you need. . .at home I have a pretty beefy system but on the road I also make do with a laptop a few years old - the 64bit versions of lightroom and photoshop definately make a difference

jkrumm wrote:

I am indeed due for an upgrade. I make do with a 17inch HP laptop that's a few years old. I've never tried processing loads of larger files (larger than the E5 or GH2 raws but I have taken from other comments that people have had to upgrade with newer cameras, especially medium format.

Perhaps newer hard drives are more likely. Mine are almost full.

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