Is this normal???

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Smufter Regular Member • Posts: 149
Is this normal???

Had some overnight snow in the UK and just tried to take a couple of piccies of the back garden using "Snow/Beach" scene mode on my E-PL1.

First time I have used it, and I was just curious as to what results it would give.

Seemed like the lens (standard kit) had a problem focussing. It initially focussed and was then hunting back and forth very slightly in a regular way. I was able to fire off a couple of pics (which wouldn't have happened had it not been able to focus at all) but just wondered if this was normal?

Olympus PEN E-PL1
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Louis_Dobson Forum Pro • Posts: 27,493
Re: Is this normal???
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OP Smufter Regular Member • Posts: 149
Re: Is this normal???

A tree at the bottom of the garden.

But it happened with whatever I was trying to focus on. Just kept shifting in and out very quickly and constantly.

grapher Senior Member • Posts: 1,113
Re: Is this normal???

My guess is AFC and not enough contrast in the scene.

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Helen Veteran Member • Posts: 6,111
Re: Is this normal???

grapher wrote:

My guess is AFC and not enough contrast in the scene.

My guess too. AFC tends to "pulsate" - with the focused distance shunting evenly back and forth over a very small distance, at a regular rate, even with a lock on an object with half pressure held on the shutter release. Seems to be a characteristic of most CDAF systems (the Sony NEX cameras also do this).

herebefore Veteran Member • Posts: 3,296
Re: Is this normal???

This shot took several tries to get focus.. The scene was much more GREY than my final PP'd image would suggest. The E-1 struggled for focus..

My EPL-1 struggles the same way on a snowy scene unless there is a strong contrast in the picture.

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OP Smufter Regular Member • Posts: 149
Re: Is this normal???

Dummies Guide to the rescue!

When in "Beach/Snow" scene mode, the camera is set to "continuous autofocus" and sequential shutter release mode. So it was that old devil "continuous autofocus" that was to blame!
That will teach me to read the manual!
Thanks a lot for your input.

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