V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

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V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

FYI: Here is how I made an addition to the V1 to access the shutter
without shaking the camera and having continous shutter.

GET a Hitec HS55 servo and cut off the tab on the side shown.

use 3m Exteria mounting tape and paste it on the servo like so

Make sure the servo horn is trimmed and has a silicone tube to stop it from scratching the shutter button.

mount it over the camera * the Mic hole WILL BE COVERED.

Here is the video showing it working

I made my own controller using a Microprocessor but I cannot find
anything off the shelf that does what is needed using a button that
you can actually buy and is plug and play.

The closest is ANY R/C servo testor with a knob for twisting.

Cheapest way - Change the knob to a push button with the correct resistor
value (ask your eletronics friends) Or simply use the knob.

OR (more advanced)


Get a Servo Maestro from Polulu, they allow connecting a button
however please ask them if they allow the servo to move back
when the button is release and to move to a fixed position
when the button is pushed.


Nikon 1 V1
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OP allan teo Regular Member • Posts: 166
Re: V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

Just some notes:
I programmed the servo arm to raise itself so that I can use the shutter button
with my fingers whenever it is not in use.

Some other changes I will make will be to have another mode so that
the servo arm is 'closer' to the shutter button just in case I am waiting for
a very shy bird that perches only 10 seconds and then flies off.. having
the servo arm travel down from top would lose 1 second.

As for the loose wire, I will simply tape them along the body and use
a servo extension wire down to the controller which will then hang
off my tripod.

My controller is powered by a 6 volt CR2 lithium camera battery
which can last a long long time.


Bangers and Mash
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Re: V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

That’s very ingenious. Pardon my ignorance on the subject matter. I would assume that, according to the links you provided, that the shutter is remotely activated. Does not the V1 have a remote accessory available? It would be nice to have the shutter automatically released by a motion sensor triggered by a bird in flight as an example. Is that possible? Thanks for sharing this.

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OP allan teo Regular Member • Posts: 166
Re: V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

this technique is very old and is used in areas like kite photography.
In this case, I wanted a physical cable with a button that is rigged
to control the servo to a set position.

However the button can be rigged again to any UHF wireless remote

control kit that when triggered by a light sensor or whatever sensor you want it can
operate in this way.

You could buy a cheap radio control transmitter and receiver and the
servo would plug directly to the receiver. Then you can operate the
camera from at least 100 meters away.

Most of the parts are available off the shelf today..
However some simple programming knowledge is needed ..
examples abound on the internet.

One would be to use a product called ETHERTEN
This is the most hassle free product to start from.
Buy and use (some very minor soldering) and some
coding to do (mostly cut and paste)


Etherten is then hooked up to a wireless lan adaptor

You write a simple piece of code so that everytime
a HTTP command is received from the PC or Mac
the Ether Ten would send a servo command to press the V1

Your Netbook / PC/MAC's wireless transmitter would be
linked to the etherten so that you can send HTTP commands
either by typing it into your web browser or launching it
from a Windows Batch file.


Philip Veteran Member • Posts: 4,009
Re: V1 Shutter control using Micro Servo

Can I ask why you do not use the Nikon wireless Remote control ML-L3?


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