Out of steam....

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Jim Radcliffe
Jim Radcliffe Forum Pro • Posts: 11,646
Out of steam....

During my lunch hour today I visited Grapevine, Texas to see if any new train related photo-ops might present themselves. I was in luck. The old steam locomotive has been down for repair for almost two years now. The doors of the shed that houses her were open and one of the workmen let me in for a few pictures. Here is one that I really like. Pentax K5 Hand held, f/2.8 1/40s ISO 320 DA* 16-50mm

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Jim Radcliffe
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The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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Richard DK Senior Member • Posts: 1,102
Re: Out of steam....

My gosh! They are magnificent aren't they?
Dick K.


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John Shaw

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eagle2a Senior Member • Posts: 1,894
Re: Out of steam....

Lovely shot Jim. This is the type of subject matter that deserves black and white photography.

Those old steam locomotives were the fastest, strongest, method of transportation the world had seen when these mammoth creatures were first manufactured.

Boy, how time flies, and opinions change.

Now going to the moon by man is old hat, and the space shuttle has been shut down! It is good to remember, and nothing does that better than still photography IMHO.

I appreciate you posting it Jim.

brandrx Forum Pro • Posts: 28,337
Re: Out of steam....

That is a great image Jim. Thanks for posting it.

Until she died, my grandmother lived in Grapevine. I probably still have relatives that live there.



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ozdean Forum Pro • Posts: 24,075
Re: Out of steam....

Wonderful photograph Jim, I'm sure it wouldn't be half as good in colour.
Regards Dean - Capturing Creation
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GPGeneralPhoto Senior Member • Posts: 1,978
Re: Out of steam....

I like that shot. Good use of B & W. I'm a sucker for old trains.
I'm thankful to still be able to...

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Rod Herdman Senior Member • Posts: 2,698
Re: Out of steam....

Fabulous shot Jim. I can only echo the other replies, the B&W choice was a good one.



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All I want is a digital back for my trusty K1000 . . .

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Gerry Winterbourne Forum Pro • Posts: 13,191
Re: Out of steam....

It's an interesting subject in its own right, Jim, but the way you've controlled the metallic reflections really boosts it as a photo.

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First camera 1953, first Pentax 1985, first DSLR 2006

Ian J G Contributing Member • Posts: 674
Re: Out of steam....

impressive thing and photo

kitsios_spyros Senior Member • Posts: 2,575
Re: Out of steam....

Great capture!
Thanks for posting.

Kind Regards,

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JL Salvignol
JL Salvignol Senior Member • Posts: 1,610
Re: Out of steam....

What a fantastic framing, Jim. And the choice of a shallow depth of field makes us physically feel the irreversible flight of time. Magic!

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DAD519 Contributing Member • Posts: 805
Re: Out of steam....

Very nice shot. Thanks for sharing.


Foolishmortal Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: Out of steam....

Great Shot!

Ah Grapevine, reminds me of some of the times I spent out there with an ex from Texas. Well Grapevine does, not the train... but the steam part, well...

Sing along now! All my exes live in Texas...

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stanic042 Contributing Member • Posts: 585
Re: Out of steam....

oh wow, now this is what I like too
awesome shot of beautiful machine, thanks

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jleoni1932 New Member • Posts: 10
Re: Out of steam....

Great shot, trains, old and new are always interesting photo subjects.

Silvertooth Regular Member • Posts: 263
Re: Out of steam....

Love the photo, Jim. Quick question for you: Do you have local support (dealers) for Pentax gear in the Dallas area? All we have in the Houston area is a box store. I have thought of selling the Nikon gear for the K-5 to get the weather seals and ability to use my old lenses from the K and M cameras (that I still love to use) and simply have a single system.


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