Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

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Re: Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

I honestly wouldn't recommend the Fujifilm X100 to anyone after owning one for several months before selling it. It is plagued with quality control issues and miss-focuses about 30% of the time. By quality control issues, I am mainly referring to the sticky aperture blade issues. The thought of going on holiday and not knowing when the camera might play up on you is pretty nerve wrecking for some. However, this being said, I did love the images that came out of this camera (when in focus), and the high ISO ability is amazing.

I've gone back to my Ricoh GXR and 28mm combo for the time being, but may consider to try out the Leica X1 or its successor in the near future.

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Re: The answer is FUJIFILM X-Pro1

I owned the X1 since May 2010 and the Fuji since it was released last year (both sold in the last 4 weeks). The X100 is the better camera in every respect, irrespective of price. The hybrid VF is brilliant, DR and high iso capability among the best aps-c sensor cameras. And lastly, its lens is one full stop faster then the X1's. The Leica wins in looks and jacket pocketability, but other than that, the Fuji is the one to get. The ferry tale of Leicas superior IQ does not hold up in any blind test. They are both superb as far as IQ is concerned. The AF of the Fuji is faster, without being really fast compared to 2011 state of the art technology. Zone focusing and adjusting zones is faster and easier with the X100 and lastly, forget about using the Leica lcd in sunlight. OVF with information overlay, EVF, or usable lcd on the one hand versus OVF with no information only on the other hand is what you have to frame and compose in bright daylight. It matters in day to day use.

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I've owned both..and sold both.

Leica is lighter, much more delicate, slightly sharper in the corners, slower lens, horribly slow af, useless manual focus, prone to sucking dust through telescopic lens, worse color, and at this point massively overpriced for what you get

Fuji is quirky with a bad menu system, has better color, lens is much more prone to flare (especially at night and overhead indoors), faster lens, faster but still slow af, useless manual focus, somewhat buggy.

The fuji is better Than the Leica in some areas...operationally mostly, and where the Leica is better, it's by a hair. I don't think it's worth the $800 premium.

That said, I wouldn't buy either right now, I'd consider something different.

Leica's x2 if it comes better bring a whole new level of fantastic, because they are seriously outgunned right now in everything that isn't a lens.

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Re: Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

Sure you can afford that 2c stevielee?

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