V1 vidoes stuttering

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maflynn Senior Member • Posts: 2,134
V1 vidoes stuttering

I just started using the video mode of the V1 and noticed that when I replayed it on my computer, that the video stutters like some frames are being dropped. I'm using the default video settings AFAIK

Could this be a pilot error, or something else?

The lighting is not the best, and I had the ISO setting for stills set rather high (1,600)

Any suggestions on this phenomenon

Nikon 1 V1
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MattZisk Contributing Member • Posts: 636
Re: V1 vidoes stuttering

I have taken many hours of video (including in low light) and have not encountered this problem, other than when playing back on a computer with a slow processor or accross a slow network connection to a remote drive on which I have stored thevideo. In no case has ther been any issue with the underlying video (moving it to a local drive on a fast machine inevitably cures any playback issue.

Any chance you need to upgrade your hadware or move the files to a local and faster drive?

David Scott
David Scott Junior Member • Posts: 45
Re: V1 vidoes stuttering

Does the video stutter when you play it back in the camera and view it on the LCD?

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OP maflynn Senior Member • Posts: 2,134
Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

Great suggestion
I played it on my camera and no stuttering, so it appears to be computer related

For the record, I'm running on a 2010 based MacBook Pro with an Nvidia 320M integrated GPU.

I finished doing some more research and it may be the OS and not the hardware. I found other reports that OSX 10.7 (Lion) has many reports of video stuttering..

David Scott wrote:

Does the video stutter when you play it back in the camera and view it on the LCD?

Leykid1634 Regular Member • Posts: 148
Re: Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

Hi, I had the same problem too, while playing back on my Windows PC with MS video SW, and with VLC.

I was thinkiNg, what the hack Nikon doing?! Giving us such crap video! Playing on the cam is smooth. Not giving up, give it a last shot before blashing Nikon. I uses QuickTime and Walah...! It really works...beautifully with the jerky effect cus of my shaky hand...lol....

BTW I'm running on P4 at speed 3.2GB wirh 4gb ram.

Hope you found the solution.
Happy New Year!

tankahn Regular Member • Posts: 280
Re: Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

I have stuttering problems with quicktime for PC while playing back the file from the card reader. Freeware mediaplayer (MPC) works though.


Beezodog Contributing Member • Posts: 559
Re: V1 vidoes stuttering

My experience is that video is a natural resource "hog". My experience tells me that when viewing a video on VIMEO it will stutter more than one created on YOUTUBE (provided the video on the latter platform is NOT processed as a HD video).

So I process all of my videos to run in the 720p format and let it give me a picture box frame inside of that space that mimics how it would look at 1080p.

maflynn wrote:

Any suggestions on this phenomenon

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pixelesque Junior Member • Posts: 45
Re: Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

I have an early-2008 Mac Pro running Snow Leopard with QuickTime 10.0. No stuttering, smooth as silk. I guess I'll hold off upgrading to Lion.

dave Senior Member • Posts: 1,485
Re: Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

I'm running Lion on an early 2011 2.7GHz i7 13" macbook pro with integrated graphics and 8GB of ram and it plays all videos from the V1, 5Dmk11, and a panasonic 1080p video cam perfectly , no stuttering , smooth a silk. The video are edited and exported using iMovie.

The videos created on the mac also play perfectly on Our three year old Acer laptop with a 2.4GHz dual core and 3GB ram and Vista, but will not play on a friends 2.7GHz i7 HP windows7 laptop with 6GB ram, and extensive use of the HP support service has not solved the issue.

Seems to me that there is a black art to getting some machines to fucntion properly with video.

Oh, also the video play fine on an old Advent netbook with a 1.6GHz intel Atom and 1GB ram and XP.

When someone comes up with a clear answer to these video problems on some , quite powerful machines, I would love to know the answer?

OP maflynn Senior Member • Posts: 2,134
Re: Thanks - found the issue its the Operating System

Video shouldn't be a black art and the reason why I get macs is because they "just work"

I found a number of discussions on various Mac forums about Lion and video stuttering.

I really shouldn't need to do too much work on my Mac to take the video from my camera and play it on my laptop :/

BrianSaunders Regular Member • Posts: 196
Re: V1 vidoes stuttering

I read on Jason Odell's review of the V1 that when shooting video one should use the dedicated video shooting mode and not the still's mode going into shooting video from there. Just a thought.

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Paul Pasco
Paul Pasco Veteran Member • Posts: 7,620
Re: V1 vidoes stuttering

I'm no video expert but are you using at least a class 6 sdhc card? Just a thought and I didn't see anybody else ask.
Regards, Paul

Lili's Dad

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dave steinberg Regular Member • Posts: 315
30 FPS smoother than 60 FPS

I tried the Nikon V1 HD video on 3 different mac computers. All were played from the computer's SSD/hard drives.
1. 2.5 yr old Mac Air 2.13 GHz with SSD
2. new Mac Air 1.7 GHz (but benchmarks twice as fast as #1) with SSD.

3. 2008 Mac Pro with quad core 2.8 GHz and 10 mb ram and Geoforce 8800GT video card.

The HD video taken at 30 FPS works well on all three.
HD video at 60 FPS stutters on #1 and #3 and is only smooth on my new Air.

So, maybe only the newest computers can handle 60 FPS.

smallcams Veteran Member • Posts: 3,297
Same machine and software as you, BUT....

my video stutters.

Played in camera on the TV and all is fine.

pixelesque wrote:

I have an early-2008 Mac Pro running Snow Leopard with QuickTime 10.0. No stuttering, smooth as silk. I guess I'll hold off upgrading to Lion.

polkat New Member • Posts: 18
This is weird!

I can record in 1080i, 1080p, and 720. Only the 720 stutters when played back on my PC. The 1080i is fine. I discovered that using Adobe After Effects and changing the Composition Settings from 60fps to 30fps (actually 29.97) results in a 720 playback that is nice and steady. Weird.

All SD cards should be class 10. and the computer's memory should be at least 4 gigs.

Kevin Omura
Kevin Omura Senior Member • Posts: 2,309
Are you using Apple's Quicktime?

if so that is likely the issue, on my wife's old MacBook video stuttered as you describe so I installed VLC which is a free app available online and this fixed the problem.

After solving the problem I also swapped out her old HD for a SSD and that solved a freezing issue she had with Garageband.

whoops this is a necro'd thread, however VLC will cure this problem on Macs.

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