80-200 with HB-29 lens hood

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BuffaloSoldier Forum Member • Posts: 70
80-200 with HB-29 lens hood

Is it possible to use a 80-200 af-d with adapter and HB-29 lens hood on a full frame camera?

nirvana0001 Contributing Member • Posts: 902
Re: 80-200 with HB-29 lens hood
BuffaloSoldier OP Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: 80-200 with HB-29 lens hood

nirvana0001 wrote:

You will need this:


Yes, I know, but I am wondering if there will be a vignetting problem with the longer hood on a FF camera.


Marc S
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Re: 80-200 with HB-29 lens hood

I use a straight round no name 77mm metal lens hood with my AF 80-200/2.8Dn since the dark ages of film without any vignetting problem. It has a 82mm inner diameter and is 50mm long. The 77mm lens hood of the AF 85mm/1.4D (HN-31) will also work fine on FX.

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