What is happening to these forums

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Le Kilt Senior Member • Posts: 2,499
Yeah, blame the French!!!

Yeah, blame the French!!!
No, don't, only joking, I can already hear one or two running here...

rsn48 wrote:

Then the States should send a note to France saying they forgot to send the other half, the Statue of Responsibility - might clear up a lot of stuff.

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Guy Parsons
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Model railways and photography

Le Kilt wrote:

...subjects change and you get to learn about all sorts of things, model railways here !

Actually model railways are a good training ground at closeup photography.

Many aim to show their layouts or rolling stock to its best advantage and often try to take photos that can often fool the viewer about whether it is full size or a model.

This is definitely one time that a smaller sensor works best in order to get better depth of field.

Regards........ Guy

(hobbies = photography and garden railways gauge 1, where my garden rail is still in collecting and learning mode, earth moving starts soon).

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Craig Gillette Forum Pro • Posts: 10,582
Re: Model railways and photography

Or they'll set up outside to try to show the model in a real setting, agin to see how well it can be integrated in a real looking photo and there are the attempts to run a video cam along the layout, etc.

Get enough gadgets going and you could have some real money in this.

And both "hobbies" have lost many of the local B&M stores. And there are also the nostalgic sighs over the days of scratchbuilding, etc., much like the inference that one must know the darkroom to know photography.

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Re: What is happening to these forums

dlinney wrote:

The forums seem to becoming less and less civil by the day. So many threads seem to become bogged down in personal insults, accusations of lying and xenophobia. Is it so hard for us in the photographic community to discuss our photographic interests in the manner I am sure we would adopt if talking face to face? I find myself starting to read a thread because it interstes me as a subject but then abandoning the effort because of the personal comments being made or attacks on whole cultures.

I am also surprised that moderation seems not to be addressing many of these abuses.

Oh grow up and stop being a sissy! Go home to your mommy if you can't take the heat. And do you even know the difference between an F stop and a Bus stop? Bet your camera is a pinhole shoebox. By the way, your mommy dresses you funny.

hehehe.... just kidding. I totally agree with you.

Jim Lowell Contributing Member • Posts: 714
Re: Nothing new

Craig Gillette wrote:

Quality versus click count. Choose one. Not a new problem. Assuming it's viewed as a problem.

'Nothing new'?

Was better when Askey ran it, IMO. He and his wouldn't put up with much back then.

Where is the next "Phil Askey" to start a new photography no BS forum website now with the good cam reviews as seen on this Amazon place?

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