Olympus Corp in real trouble

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Pyramides Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

willbfree wrote:

Exactly my point. Olympus stock remained high because they were lying, which benefited the investors.

No, it did not.

Assuming that the story told so far is true; the losses cover-up scheme would have benefited those holding Olympus stock when the cover-up started, but it certainly did not benefit those who bought Olympus stock afterwards.

It could just as well have been the case that the (larger) investors in the early 90s knew about the losses, agreed to the cover-up, and took their time to sell their papers to misinformed traders.

Frauds like this are meant to benefit the "sell" side. The whole point of requiring "correct" earnings reports is that investors won't get surprised by skeletons in closed.

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See also my thread in the Oly SLR talk forum

Title: "Does anyone understand what happened at Olympus ?"


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anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,036
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

chandc wrote:

I don't think Japanese should like to sold to non-Japanese firm.

The only possible firm could have been Ricoh if they have not purchased Pentax.

Why not Ricoh? It's not like they've just spent their piggyban and have no more budget left. Pentax Ricoh at ths point do not have a large(ish) sensor inetrchangeable lens system camera, so buying into the already exisiting m4/3 system at a bargain firesale price could be better than developing their own propretry system from scratch.

Ricoh bought Pentax to increase their share in the camera market. Wouldn't buying Olympus as well now also increase it even more? Not one, but two bargain-buys of historical and well known camera company competitors and all their tech, patents and user base etc in the space of just six months, Ricoh would be hard pressed not to be tempted.

Pentax Ricoh Olympus = PRO.

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Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Pentax Ricoh Olympus = PRO.

ffnikclif Contributing Member • Posts: 867
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble


Your defense of Olympus breaking the laws & lying about it to cover serious blunders is at best comical. Every thing is fine if they don't get caught? Is this the type of company you want to do business with? In other words they seem fine because they lie to keep their company looking financially sound while they are losing billions. Than the bottom falls out when the truth is found. As a stockholder what a loss to absorb based on lies! And dividends that probably were too small all along.

So if I murder someone is it all right as long as I don't get caught?


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Richard Briscoe Regular Member • Posts: 427
Re: See also my thread in the Oly SLR talk forum

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

Title: "Does anyone understand what happened at Olympus ?"


Take a look at this article which also raised the possibility that the full extent of the losses may not be known at this time. The article was linked from The Online Photographer.


willbfree Forum Member • Posts: 71
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

Don't take it so seriously. After all our money used to be based on shiny rocks! (Or shiny metal, rather).

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jonikon Veteran Member • Posts: 6,141
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

Sorry to see yet another camera company disappear!

I was a Minolta guy and stayed with the Alpha mount when they were bought by Konica and then sold to Sony, but I didn't like the uncertainty and what Sony was doing with their camera designs, so I finally jumped to Nikon. I feel the dominant camera makers of Canon and Nikon are safe, but Pentax, and even Sony cameras are too risky to heavily invest in lenses for the long term.

Best regards,

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MichaelKJ Veteran Member • Posts: 3,466
Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

Yes, but the illegal activity affected investors' decisions. It could also be argued that illegal activity is why bankruptcy had to be declared. I don't think a company can escape liability for this by declaring bankruptcy.

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