X10 Firmware Wish List

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Jon Schick Veteran Member • Posts: 4,502
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

(1) a working histogram in M mode: currently it is of no use and I have no idea why Fuji can't implement properly like other manufacturers.

(2) RAW button to have options to stay on until you want to revert to JPEG: irritating to have to remember to press it every time unless you dig into the menu system.

(3) JPEG processing of bright reds needs some work: the camera quickly blows the reds when the info is still there in RAW.

(4) ability to use exposure comp when external flash is set to "on". For some reason, the exp comp is disabled under this circumstance.

(5) ability to tell the camera how you want it to behave with ISOs: Pentax cameras allow you to tell the camera whether to prioritise resolution(ie keep ISO as low as possible) or speed (go up the scale with more abandon) which can be v helpful.

(6) ability for LCD to turn on automatically when you've left it off to use the OVF - eg if in Av mode, if you turn the command dial it would be nice if you could get the LCD to turn on and show which aperture you've just chosen - and then turn off after a couple of seconds if the dial is not turned further.

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Archiver Veteran Member • Posts: 3,649
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List
  • video mode - lock focus

  • video mode - allow manual focus

  • video mode - allow EV adjust during recording

  • video mode - allow LCD off

  • AF - improve accuracy

  • AF - improve speed in low light

  • auto exposure - speed up AE adjustment for rapidly changing light conditions

  • sound recorder function - two hour minimum sound recorder in wav format using video audio bitrate

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kaimaikid New Member • Posts: 1
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

I also want to see a bulb exposure function similar to what the Fuji X100 has - I purchased this camera to get creative especially with night scenes just to find out my wings have been clipped to 30 secs

Please Fuji add a bulb feature in the next firmware update

bwana Regular Member • Posts: 253
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

Bulb setting at least in manual mode.

True control of shutter speeds, at least when in manual. Currently there is a weird interaction of. iso, DR, and shutter speed resulting in a limit to how slow the shutter can go..

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gteague Senior Member • Posts: 2,590
+1 bulb

+1 bulb. don't put to waste the brilliant design of cable release threads.


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cjyphoto Forum Member • Posts: 53
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

When in A or S mode allow push of the control wheel to lock setting. With a lock icon next to A or S on the screen. In manual mode pushing the control dial switches between A and S selection but in A priority and S priority pushing the dial does nothing constructive. It's way to easy to unintentionally change setting the way it is now. Hopefully this will make sense.

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Don Erway Contributing Member • Posts: 998
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

In A mode, with flash on, allow user defined setting for the longest SS used. The typical 1/60 is not fast enough to freeze little moving subjects.

Fix the WDS.

In M mode, with auto ISO, allow us to dial in exposure comp, to effect the ISO selected.

le_alain Senior Member • Posts: 1,965
Re: X10 Firmware Wish List

to be able to use the "click" on the first dial for user settings, as Fn button !!

only one use in view mode, so why ????

to have the good histogramme in liveview mode !
that contral in manual mode darken or lighten the LCD

On most mode, +- ev dial doesn't work !
OK for EXR Auto if you want but the other ?

in Manual, you fix a speed, and an aperture
then set auto iso to expose, you have no +-ev possibility !

manual focus in video (and it records the sound of focus )
lock exposure in video

else, perfect

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