Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

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mygoodeye New Member • Posts: 8
Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

I recently purchased the Elinchrom bx500ri kit and both modeling lamps do not work on either kit do not work. I put the bulb it came with into a regular light fixture and it came on so I know it isn't the bulb.

Has anyone had this problem before? I read the directions thoroughly and so did a friend. Does anyone know how to turn it on?

Thanks in advance!

dmbsurfer Regular Member • Posts: 122
Re: Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

either replace the modeling lamp or check the modeling lamp fuse.
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Mebyon K Contributing Member • Posts: 807
Re: Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

Have you checked that the control for the lamps on the rear of the unit is set to either on or proportional. There is an off setting on the control and, unless Elinchrom has changed their way of doing things, the unit always used to be supplied with the modelling light control set to off.

Hope this helps
Mebyon K

Peter Berressem Forum Pro • Posts: 10,647
Re: Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

You might also check the sockets, i.e. the center lug. Disconnect the unit from mains and use the tip of a screwdriver to bend up the lug. The center pin of the bulb should be now in better contact...
cheers, Peter

GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Re: Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

Good point.

I believe the European bulb is am E27 base and the USA bulbs are E26 (or visa versa?). I seem to recall something about the thread on one not being quite the same and sometimes the bulbs don't make the correct contact in the differing sockets. Same goes for the USA PCB flash units, although the USA lamps will normally fit them correctly although PCB himself warns about the European bulbs not always making contact in their units on his forum.


Brendan Hohls New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Elinchrom bx500ri modeling lamp problems

Hi Peter

Your advice worked for me too, thanks. My Elinchrom BXRi 500's modelling lamp started working intermittently and then stopped altogether. I replaced the globe but it still would work.

I cleaned the contacts with a cloth at raised the side one slightly with a thin flat screwdriver (with the power disconnected)  and it worked immediately on reconnecting.

Thank you!



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