No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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And some of us just don't care about IBIS

I'll take a smaller body without IBIS over a larger one with any day.

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IS is good... if you have it

Dennis, this is the point exactly. Canon and Nikon (and now Panasonic) offer IS on many lenses so they don't need in-body IS. Also, they have pretty much made it clear that in-lens IS is all they're going to offer in the foreseeable future. They used to offer IS on teles only, then on standard zooms as well and now they even do it on wide-angle- witness the new Nikon 16-35 4.0 VR! I got a second-hand Canon 5D and I made sure I bought an IS lens for it.

I absolutely agree that in-lens IS is better, especially for teles (the stabilized viewfinder is a big help) but you need to have it. Sony/Minolta never made any IS lenses until now and still only a limited selection for the E-mount. So, for owners of A-mount lenses the NEX offers no IS solution. I would have loved to be able to use my A-mount glass on NEX-7 even with the ugly adapter but now I'm thinking of buying the A35 instead.

Yes, Sony will probably still get a sale from me. But this is not the point.

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex But In lens stabilization!

When you read a post try to read the total message, not only the parts you want to react on.

When you read the whole post, you would have noticed that I do like the IBIS system and that I find it a great system. But every system has it shortcommings.

Look at many brands, most have ILIS are the all stupid as the OP said? I don't think so! So I made clear that the ILIS system has it better points like:
Less energy hungry (I never said ILIS did not use any power, only less)
Better cutomized IS for the focal lenght

Better cutomizezed for video (less sensor worming up, better IS as in the 18-200mm lens)

When seeing these strong sides of ILIS I can understand that a brand can choose for ILIS over IBIS without bing stupid.
Would I prefer a Nex with IBIS ofer one without? YES

But I still like my NEx with ILIS, although I need a tripod quicker then when it had IBIS when I use non stabilized lenses...

My major point is that when you need or want IBIS for your kind of shooting, then you need to buy an other brand mirrorless or a Sony dslt, as they don't sell a mirrorless with IBIS and I don't think they ever will.

And think about the CZ 24mm E-mount lens (without stabilisation) using the usual key to calculate the shutter speed for non stabilized lenses: Yo aree able to shoot perfectly sharp pictures at 1/36 sec. When shooting moving persons not your camera shake, but the movement of the persons will be the limmiting factor, no IS can help there....

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Re: IS is good... if you have it

idlecynic wrote:

Dennis, this is the point exactly.

I suppose it depends on whether you look at NEX as the e-mount system which just happens to offer this quirky adapter that a few people will buy ... or the adapter as a crucial element in making the system more attractive.

Personally, I see the adapter as a sort of an afterthought; nothing that would have swayed Sony's ILIS v. IBIS decision-making. And I don't imagine it will impact many. But like most decisions that don't impact many, it stinks for those who are impacted !

I suppose there's room for an IBIS body some day, but doubt it will ever happen, because of the conflicting messages and Sony's ever-present concern for the clueless consumer

They used to offer IS on teles only, then on standard zooms as well and now they even do it on wide-angle-

Personally, I think the KM 7D pushed them into it. While they published white papers saying in-lens is vastly superior and showing why it's only needed for teles, they quietly started putting IS into many more lenses. I remember there was such a big leadup to the KM 7D announcement, and about a month before, Canon tried to take the wind out of their sales by announcing the 20D and the 17-85 IS.

Sony/Minolta never made any IS lenses until now and still only a limited selection for the E-mount.

But it's a growing system. I don't think it's reasonable for them to have to choose IBIS because they won't have a raft of lenses available on day 1. I'm impressed that they put out a stabilized 50 !

They ought to produce an IBIS version of some NEX model aimed at adapter users; whether legacy lens users or Alpha users. Revised UI. Drastically revised UI

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Ken Sky Regular Member • Posts: 407
Re: IS is good... if you have it

Perhaps this whole thread will be short circuited by the recent announcement that Adobe PS will have a deblurring algorithm

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idlecynic New Member • Posts: 11
Re: IS is good... if you have it

Very well said, Dennis, all of it. In the end it's probably not such a huge deal since probably very few people, as you say, would have a Nex-7 with a long A-mount tele + adapter as their daily system. And on wide-angle IS isn't as crucial. The main reason why I think Sony should have done the in-body IS is that they already had it developed; there was no need to invent it. But it's a moot point now for sure. And I agree that making the 50mm with IS was a great move.

So the next question is: where is the E-mount UWA zoom?

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LOL why

Woland65 wrote:

Sitting here and wondering if I should upgrade my Nex 5 to a Nex 7 or an A65, and I am getting an urge to complain a bit.

I want the Nex 7, but the lack of lenses is a major pain. I really want image stabilization in all my lenses, so adapters is not an answer.

If Sony had put stabilization in the Nex body I could have just complemented with alpha lenses. Why did Sony not do this?? Making the body smaller is to me a very weird argument, since most people use a lense when shooting. Thus, it doesn't matter for size if the stabilization is in the body or in the lens. Sigh.

Stupid decision not to use IBIS in the Nex!

So I guess next you will be deciding what I take and how to take it, is that right

Totally daft. My lenses and camera are on a tripod so IS is a waste of time. How long have you been using a camera ??.

Maybe you should post this in the Canon and Nikon DSLR forums and see how you get on :). I will be watching for your posts in there, ha.


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Everdog Veteran Member • Posts: 4,837
Sony agrees it is stupid.

For years the big selling point of their Alpha cameras over Cankon was that Sony cameras have IBIS.

Sony would tell you it was stupid to pay extra for IS in every lens and that not only does it cost more but adds size and weight.

Sony needs to listen to themselves.

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