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Re: Sony's follow up...

ZoranC wrote:

Papasha wrote:

I am going to investigate but will probably follow Maxpilot’s advice (above in this thread) and get one of the LensPen Sensor cleaners; don’t know which one yet – probably one with dry pen and loupe.

To my knowledge using dry method with oil smudge would be another bad idea, it would just spread oil even more around ruining the pen along the way. Google for sensor cleaning methods. Even better yet see if Sony will clean it for you, and if not have local camera store professionally clean it. Keep in mind mess up the sensor and you messed up most expensive part of the camera ... and here is to a hope that your QTip attempt didn't already do that.

I hear you, man… I hear you…

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I can't believe it

As some of you may know, I recently have to send in my two-month old NEX-5 for repair for stuck shutter curtain to the same repair center. It took them over a month to finish the job because the parts are back ordered. Received camera a few weeks ago and didn't pay much attention because I was busy with some other tasks.

This post prompted me to bring out the camera and take a few sample shots of blue sky. Lo and behold, I found half dozen dark spots on my sensor. One of them pretty big and visiable. My air blower doesn't remove them so it must be some thing stick to the sensor. I had none of these before the repair.

Off to buy some sensor cleaners.

Laredo is in the news the other day. I think I know why Sony picked this remote spot for its repair center

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Re: I can't believe it

how did I miss this thread?

sean lancaster
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Re: Sony's follow up...

I was all set to return my "fixed" clicking camera if it came back with issues. My camera came back on Friday. I spent time shooting Friday, Saturday, and today . . . and, I am unable to find that any of my photos have any kind of damage or markings from the repair process. I thought my clicking was extra loud previously and was triggered easier than most, so I worried that I'd still have some clicking sounds, but I cannot generate any click under more rigorous than normal shooting (not bad shaking, but the same that caused clicks previously). So, I am pleased with the repair that took place. I never heard a peep from Sony after sending my camera in. I finally called a week later to learn that it was set to arrive at my house at any moment. I would have liked a little head's up so I could have made sure I was home that day as it was raining and I didn't want any damage. Fortunately, my call enabled me to get home just in time.

I'd send my camera back for the clicking repair again if I had another, but I do feel badly that they screwed some things up for a few others.

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my story

My Old 5 would go into a strange mode where buttons disappeard , and the camera behaved as if the shutter was half pressed. I talked with Laredo a number of times, and with the tech in person.

Took about 2 weeks for them to be able to duplicate the problem. I learned there was one guy only who worked on Nexes at that time (May). He replaced various parts of the camera and sent it back.

Right away it would not download to the computer: USB not recognised. On any computer. THat would have been OK, except for firmware. On top of that the dial was really stiff---nearly unusable.

I sent it back again, and shortly recieved a new body.

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